Fire D'nodefense tonight

this is the worst defense ive ever seen

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How about at the half?

Cut him some slack he’s playing Heisman Hicks… no one has been able to stop him all year… wait… whut?

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if he turns it around then we promote him to hc

Between heisman Hicks and all star Bowman…never mind

I’m tired of this crap fire him

Better fire Briles while you’re at it. Only 7 points on offense? We can’t sustain a drive? Continues to try to run the ball with no success. Defense sucks, but offense also bears responsibility.


No Sir…

O and D have both looked awful

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Even if they pitch a shutout in the second half he needs to be fired.

Edit Offense has been pitiful too

Applewhite to Coach No D:

Why is your defense so bad? It’s because of this Briles offense. No defense can be good trying to keep up with that.

Briles makes a point to run the ball all half.

We have to fire him. Defense is horrible.