First ever UH Big 12 conference win goes to Soccer

While we are wallowing in our football misery, I thought I would share some good and historical news.

Finally, the first Big 12 conference win ever for UH in any sport goes to women’s soccer. The Coogs beat West Virginia 2-1 today at home. Congrats to Coach Frias and the squad!

UH Soccer downs WVU 2-1 10-1-23

Let’s hope for more wins in October in the Big 12 because September was absolutely brutal.
Football 0-2
Volleyball 0-3
Soccer 0-4


Undefeated October!!!

I feel bad that I didn’t go even tho I had the opportunity & live really close.

I definitely wanna start showing up to more of their games, along with Volleyball & Women’s Basketball.

Man, this is pressure for basketball. The Big 12 is expecting A LOT out of them. They better win.

Technically soccer is called “football” throughout the world so this counts lol


Ironically we are the only country that calls it by its original name.

The English organized the sport and they first spread it to their former english speaking colonies as “soccer” which was slang for “Association Football” but when they further spread the sport to the rest of the world…they dropped the Association, which is where “Soccer” came from, and only called it Football.

Say Soccer with an English accent and it will make more sense!

With “Soccer” being reserved for that sport, and the name Football available as it had not been spread to the rest of the world yet, Americans invented an offspring sport of soccer + rugby and called it Football.

Also, Canada and Australia rejected the sport- Canada put it on ice and Australia created Australian Rules Football.

I wonder why ONLY the British colonized Cultures were allowed to create sports. Yes, soccer was organized in England.

Tell me a popular sport, on the World Scale, that wasn’t created in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.

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As long as we finish top 4 I’m good. TOUGH conference.


Opening with a win against the defending Big 12 Champions is a pretty good start.

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I did not realize that. Thanks for sharing. Even more kudos to the ladies.

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I assume you’re only including team sports.
Does team handball count as popular worldwide? Not popular in US but it is in many other countries

I wish you folks could field a men’s soccer team…currently i think the WVU men are ranked #4 and are not even the highest ranked men’s soccer team in the state of West Virginia. Marshall is currently ranked #1 and im hoping that WVU can climb to #2 when we play the Herd on October 18th.

Rest of the world doesn’t know what soccer is. It’s football fittingly since it’s kicked using feet.

Here we play a variation of rugby.

Call it Rugball.

And for its origins in England, pretty sure that take is an Anglized version, like most things out there. There were probably many people kicking roundish things for sport in many continents long before they became “colonized”

How good were they expected to be this year? Did they return a lot of players?

I recall reading somewhere that field hockey also ranks high on the list of the “world’s” most popular sports.

Here though, it’s chiefly a women’s sport played at private prep schools.

They anticipated some reloading but not rebuilding.

Jai Alai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, auto racing, and making fun of stupid Americans.

Lacrosse was invented in America but not by English speakers.

Horse racing, track and field (Ancient Greek Olympics) Boxing and Wrestling, mixed martial arts (Ancient Greek pankration), kayaking (craft invented by Inuit), rowing, sailing, and archery.

And of course….the ancient Mesoamerican Ball Game.

Still practiced today as “pok-ta-pok” and “ulama.”

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