First game promotions?

Does anyone know of any promotional items they will have for the inaugural game on Saturday? Any special events? Won’t Elvin Hayes bring down the same basketball he did a layup with at the last game in the HOF? Will the marketing dept be smart enough to sell promotional items that will have the inaugural game printed? Has anyone heard of anything special they are doing for the game?

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Only thing I’ve heard is that Hayes will be honored since his name is on the court and Fertitta will be honored since his name is on the arena.

They’ve been pretty mum otherwise.

I believe Tillman is supposed to bring the ball in, as he took it out of Hofheinz after that shot.

Wait, is it no longer Guy V. Lewis court?

From what I read here, 10 lucky fans get obstructed views, and half the arena gets to enjoy bare concrete walls in their view of the action. Can’t get that experience at home!

Guy’s name is on the Basketball training facility building next to the TC.

Saw Hayes at the Rockets game and he said he would be at the opener.

Is he not going to be doing the radio broadcasts with Jeremy anymore? I assumed he would be at every home game.


No, he’s still doing the radio broadcasts.

I know, I just didn’t realize it would no longer be on the court too.

still interrupting Branham right in middle of broadcast when His Coogs make a bad play. Just talks right over him. :grimacing: Hilarious.

On a side note The Big E is reason I fell in love with UH Athletics. My older brother took me to watch them play in 67/68 Season at Delmar Fieldhouse. Want to say it was against Centenary, but I was an awe of Hayes and how easy the game was for him. I still say he was the greatest Coog over OLajawon imo.


I’m not sure there’s an argument about Hayes being the top player in Coog history. Add pro careers and it gets a lot murkier.

I like Elvin on the broadcasts. He does interrupt Branham some and he’s not great during the game, but he’s solid as an analyst when he has time to make a point. Main thing is he has fun doing it and is passionate. Love the Big E.


Can’t agree more with The Big E statement. He’s still very passionate for the School, team, players. He was very frustrated last night. " Hinton young man you can’t turn the ball over" “why”. I don’t really judge or grade him… he’s a COOG for life. I thought some of the younger one’s well that’s relative had opinion that Olajawon was better. I’m strictly going by College career. Anyway I’m of strong opinion that Hayes had far better UH career. He just happened to play same time as maybe greatest Center of all time --Alcindor and for sure greatest College basketball dynasty during his UH career.