Five years of declining interest in UH football

The most part, I have felt like we have been trending steadily downward since the middle of the 2018 season. I wasn’t enthused when Applewhite was hired, nor when Holgerson was hired, but I gave both the benefit of the doubt. For Applewhite, it wasn’t until the second season that it seemed clear we had made a mistake. For Holgerson, however, I reached that conclusion halfway through his first season. In 2021, we stumbled our way 12 wins over a lesser competition, and that put us into the contract situation we are still in. I used to plan my schedule around UH football. Now, I decide how much, if at all, to tune in. I never imagined joining the BigXII would be this disappointing. At least we have basketball…


Since Holgerson left football has been boring and besides the UT game not exciting or the it thing to do. That is on the admin to bring in the right person. So far, for 7 years they have set UH backwards in terms of football trajectory.


Is he doing this on purpose? No one is this inept.

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Doubt Dana has enough interest in doing anything intentionally. Intent smacks of effort and he is not that motivated.


Aren’t most wins against lesser competition?

So Rice football is superior to UH football?

Rice won the game.

Ticket sales this year don’t suggest declining interest this year.

Next year though……we’ll see.