Flag waving boy is back

Just flagged 3 of my posts !

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The Trifecta!!!

We must have hurt his “flurry like precipitation” feelings.

Oh I thought this was about the infamous flag boy who used to perform with our drill squad at halftime. Not that there is anything wrong with it lol. Go Coogs!


I saw frats give that dude so much guff during games and he just took that crap and flaunted it right in their faces… Hats off to that guy.


Dude is probably still out there somewhere living his best life. It’s an admirable quality to look at people ragging on you and basically tell them to f themselves because you’re doing what makes you happy.


I remember a very flamboyant baton twirler from a few years back. Dude was legit. Sometimes his routines were more entertaining than the games. Though maybe that says more about where our football and basketball were at the time. Lol

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I got flagged five times. What gives?

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