Florida St vs Louisville

I wish we played Florida St again, they are getting dominated by Louisville. Really good for us if they continue like this. Could be a big day for our strength of schedule if OU can pull off the win too.

Louisville is a veryyyy good team.

…and if Ole Miss can pull the upset at home, things could get very interesting.

Houston and Louisville may jump Clemson and Michigan due to strength of schedule and impressive wins.

Louisville is legit. Gonna be a fun game come November.

UH-Louisville’s looking like a virtual playoff game.

Louisville might end up leapfrogging us if this keeps up.

Florida State just looks overmatched. Not the #2 team in the country. Syracuse put up a better fight.

Or maybe FSU is overrated.

FSU had NO business being ranked where they were.



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Louisville will leapfrog us to top 4. Easily.

Florida State will drop 15 spots.

The cards play @ Clemson 10/1 … their only challenge until they play us in November.

Our front seven better be ready for Lamar Jackson


Lamar Jackson is a freak. Dude can ball. UH defense better make him feel every hit they give him.

I think it will be #2 Louisville vs #3 UH and that will be crazy. Hopefully Clemson will wear them out before we play them. But, we have to take care of protecting 1-0 each week.

Louisville will leap frog us but it doesn’t really matter. That’s the beauty of playing them. Coogs control their own destiny and can settle it on the field.


This is true but that doesn’t change the fact that Louisville is pretty darn impressive. We’re in for a real game on November 17.

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Who is going to be number #1 ??!

With an OU win and an Ole Miss win, and we are looking at a top 3 matchup. One of those is not going to happen, but I can dream

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