Florida's Stop Woke Act and Other States Similar laws

Perhaps one of our legal scholars here can explain if this decision has any effect or could have any effect on similar type laws in other states.

In reading some of the details, I must admit the law seemed pretty restrictive. Just because I work for the state or the govt doesn’t mean you should be able to muzzle me.
you might be able to set curriculum standards for public universities but telling professors they can’t insert their opinions seems a bit much.

Yea, I agree with legislating curriculum standards but beyond that the politicians need to stay out.

DeSantis is a more polished version of Trump, probably without the megalomania. Dangerous if this is what he’s doing in Florida.

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RDS (sounds like a syndrome or disease) is feeding red meat to the MAGAts, so he can usurp the MAGAt throne.

He was built for this, ill fitting suit and all.

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