Football Head coaches Salaries nationwide

Our head coach is 35 in the nation according to USA Today.

Which is why I say Tom should just say hey this is a pretty good gig!


We’ve been over this exhaustively here, but I 100% agree. More money rarely means better gig. That money comes with trade offs and sacrifices. CTH has mentioned repeatedly the things he and his family love about Houston and none of them involve how much money he makes. He’s paid extremely well here, has received everything he has asked for so far and doesn’t have to jet set around the country to recruit. He has young kids and has moved 6 times in the last 10 years. If he and his family are feeling settled here, there’s really no reason to leave. I’m so sick of the arguments that other schools can double his salary. So what? If two jobs are absolutely identical, then you take the most money. But no two jobs are absolutely identical. You trade more money for other comforts and conveniences. CTH is smart enough to see this.

how much does Clay Helton make?

He’s not listed because USC is a private school, but reports say he makes $3.8M