Football Operations Building


Good article, but we’ve been hearing SOON for quite a while. Let’s get it done.


I wonder who will be the lead gift donor ?

It sounds like an announcement is coming soon of a large donation for the ops building.

“We’re waiting on the lead gift,” Pezman says. “It will be announced pretty soon. From the time you break ground, you probably figure 24 months (till completion). It will take about six months to design, then another two, two and a half years.”

Mattress Mac? :joy:

It’s been “coming soon” longer than Mike Jones’ first album


Yes but going to the Big12, the administration knows this is priority #1.

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My only question is where in the world where this be built? Are they just going to build it over the outside practice fields ? Behind the basketball arena

Right next to the IPF, just behind the west end zone.

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Could be !
I’m thinking the lead gift would be in the 10-20 million range ?

So basically in the parking lot? Wouldn’t that mean less parking and less tailgating ?

whoever the lead donor is, we all must do our part so start saving now for when the cougar pride office comes calling



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Well I guess its a give and take thing :joy:, but the IPF already took so much tailgating space, with this new facility that basically takes out half of the parking lot. Parking is going to be even worse

True. But it’s needed.

It’ll be attached to the stadium. It’ll have new locker room so team will have to enter the stadium where visitors now enter.

So, the skyline gimmick is gone and now the glass viewing area from the club is gone soon.

Fill in the gap!


“It is expected to include a plush locker room, team meeting areas, academic facilities, office space and more.”

Will there be a weight room in there?

Soon is a relative term. There’s soon as in next week, next month, next year, and as in “Jesus is coming soon.” I guess we will just have to wait and see, unless you want to step up with the big bucks to lead it off.

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I think I remember reading somewhere that they would cut open those stands directly behind the west field goal and the players would come out of that. I don’t remember where though or if that’s accurate.

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I’ve stepped up with the biggest bucks available to me, but I don’t think that’s getting us over the hump. :slightly_smiling_face:

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