Football Parking Hang Tags

I don’t have access to a color printer so my green lot tag is gray and white. Don’t think this will be an issue since the tag does have “GREEN LOT” printed out. Also, I know how to get to the Green lot without using Scott or Cullen.

Folks this is a very easy request print it put it in your vehicle and done…

I might wrap it around my expired handicap placard.

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Not so far they haven’t.

If you have nothing to do but wait breathlessly for emails to comply to, I suppose so.

There is no excuse for this crap.

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I didn’t get an email about hanging passes.
Hope they let me in the lot.

no email either and I am all-american…

The hangtags are simply to help the people directing traffic to point people to the correct lots, they are not required for entry into the lots or parking. Your parking pass allows you into the lot and parking.


I still haven’t received the email even after talking with Cougar Pride and was tld they would resend yesterday.

I don’t think you will have any problem, you have your parking pass.

Yes, and he said even without the hanger I will be able to get in.

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Been waiting 20 mins to get into garage. They have one person running it and they cannot figure out how to work scanner. Lol

Incompetence already starting.

Is this the parking thread? I have a few questions that may benefit the collective.

  1. What is the best cash lot for a family of four with kids late at night??
  2. Is the lot by Moddy Towers, across from the Frat houses, safe?
    I like the shuttle route better than the other, but I am a little concerned about safety late at night. More if we don’t get the outcome we all want. I feel naked when I can’t carry a flash light or a side arm.


Yes, I think the hanger is just to help direct traffic. So I’m just gonna throw a piece of my kid’s green construction paper on the dash.

I’m not doing all that until they actually deliver them.

Apparently it is 70 to park in garage.

A bunch of people didn’t want to wait and drove through.

Green lot would be closest if you can still pay cash, if not the purple lot (garage) by the Law Center.

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Talked to John Noud at cougar pride. He said the hang tags aren’t required for parking.

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I know they’re not required but im curious… has anyone received theirs yet?