Football Study Hall: Houston rises to 32

I’m sitting here salivating at some of the stats thus far:

I know stats can be used to support any argument but that doesn’t mean I cant get excited for the future.

Edit: again these are very misleading


King, Lark and Car are here to stay.

Going to miss some of our seniors, King gets sacked 10% of the time?!?!?! shows patience in a way since he has no ints. Catch rate vs yrds per target is a good measuring stick.

I think designed QB rushes that end up in TFL are considered sacks which helps blow up that sack percentage. Not 100% certain on this…

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Some of those numbers are misleading. Yeah Mulbah and Birden are better runners but Duke is the better finisher. Why Postma was playing ahead of Allen is weird Especially the amount of games. King Sack Rate means he needs more reps escaping out the pocket cant have him getting hurt like Deshaun Watson. John Leday needs to be thrown to more if his catch rate is that high. I think Dumbar does have the speed for the long catches if his yrd/catch is 12.4. Courtney Lark hasnt played in enough games for us to be able to tell 11 of 6 sounds bad.

The stat may be misleading. They might be forgetting to exclude any negative rushes he had as a WR. Nevermind. Didn’t realize he was sacked 5 times against USF.

No, those pesky NCAA rules on 4 years of play get in the way. :wink:

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Lets enjoy it while we can because the day is coming that the stellar HS football athletes will given the right to go straight to the pros and the collegiate ranks will feel the results. Eventually the courts will grant them the right to make a living without playing in the minors (universities).

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Probably only 1 or 2 players a year that can gp straight from high school to the NFL.

College baseball is still fun even though the best young players are in the minors. I think the NFL factories (Bama/OSU/LSU) would be hurt the most. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

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I don’t mind it all that much, King scans the whole field to find the open guy and doesn’t turn the ball over.

Very few will be sought by the pros, I think.

Agreed. Maybe a WR with a ton of speed can make it in the NFL, but that’s doubtful as route running is so critical at that level. NFL is so much faster and the guys are so much bigger that guys at the high school level would be lost. Also, NFL teams don’t really have the ability to stash guys and develop them as they just don’t have the roster space. Guys would be much better served getting playing time at the college level than sitting on the sidelines on a practice squad.

Now, if the NFL starts a minor league system to start developing these guys without having to go to college, you might see something, but there’s probably no money in it for the NFL when they already have a minor league system in college football.

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You don’t want to put 18 year old boys (even man-boys) out there on an NFL field…


I would guess that you could get a minor league system out there that feeds the NFL.
I think many of these minor league baseball teams make some money. And they have multiple levels.
I could see some teams building 20,000 seat stadiums in places like Midland/Odessa (though they already have one), Kingsport, TN, Bakersfield, CA, Wichita, KS, Portland, OR, etc…
Most of the players are not going to get “The Big Money”. But they can get paid enough to support a family, buy a house, and be developed by the highest levels of trainers to help move them to the next level. And they don’t have to error about NCAA issues, payments under the table, money laundering schemes, bribes, payoffs, bagmen, etc.

Couldn’t they go to the Canadian Football League out of high school now…?

I am ok with athletes who do not want to get a degree leaving for athletes who want to play and get a degree.

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The NFL did try a minor league for awhile with the World League of American Football when they bought it and only kept the European teams. They would send over some of their less established players in the spring to play. Just didn’t catch on enough to be profitable. Most other leagues that have tried to start up as a sort of minor league have failed over the years: UFL, XFL, WLAF. Arena Football is about the only thing that has succeeded, but it’s also not really typical football either. Problem is that if you aren’t making the NFL out of college, you probably aren’t going to be in it long term so the fans aren’t really interested. Of course, none of them were leagues that tried to attract college aged players.

In baseball, the minor leagues were setup a long time ago, independent of the major leagues so most clubs have a long history with the cities they’re in. It wasn’t until, I believe the 50’s-70’s that the major league clubs started setting up the current minor league structure. What makes them profitable now is that fans are attracted to the fact that they might be seeing future stars or even older MLB vets play as well as the fact that the Major League club is paying the costs and per diem of almost all the players.

Which kind of goes back to why a minor league would struggle to be financially profitable in this climate. With college football being the money maker that it is, the best coaches, strength staffs, etc are already taken. The best players not only want access to that, but also access to millions of viewers to build their brand so that they can make the money once they are able to be drafted. The NFL doesn’t want to change things up because they don’t want to have to be responsible for the costs of keeping thousands of players healthy, feeding them, etc when colleges are already doing it for them. On top of that, under the current climate, if an 18-22 year old gets hurt and can no longer play, at least he is still getting an academic degree that he can fall back on.

I think Mike Shanahan was working with some others on trying to set something up in California last year that would kind of be a prototype for a minor league system. Haven’t heard much since the announcement other than it was supposed to be a 4 team league for players 18-22 that didn’t want or couldn’t go to go to college. I believe it wasn’t sponsored by the NFL, but they are keeping a close eye on it; there is a group of NFL coaches and owners that want to have more control of the development of players coming into the league, especially with the advent of spread offenses that don’t translate to the NFL. Possible that 10 years down the road, it becomes something.

They can, but they’d run into the same problems there as they do in the US. CFL teams only have 42 roster slots and half of them have to be filled by players that were Canadian citizens when they were 18. Most of the US guys playing there are probably just below NFL level quality and just as big or fast as those in the NFL. 18 year olds just wouldn’t be able to compete against that kind of size.