Football tickets

I just called the ticket office and they are emailing this week for electronic tics which you load onto your phone. The tech game is only electronic but if you want paper tickets for the other games, you have to ask then it’s pick up at will call at UH.

Same as last year.

I received both the ticket and parking passes in my email this morning. They were in two different mails.

Yeah, I’m a little confused by this. When do I get Texas Tech tickets?

I got mine last week.

I’d call them bc I did get an email for the electronic tics but you can do will call for paper tics for the 5 games at our stadium. I think the tech game is electronic only

So call them

I got an email and loaded my kickoff tickets on the Texans app. Haven’t gotten anything on the rest of the season.

I’ve received my TT tickets, but that’s it so far.
Edit: I now have received all tickets and parking except for parking at NRG for TT which is supposed to be coming this week.

If I get electronic tickets then do I have to enter with my friend or is there a way to forward the code for the second seat?

No parking for the Texas tech game

We were told that parking passes for the TT game will be sent later this week.