For a school who claims to not care about us

They sure rushed the field after they won. Gee, it’s almost as if this game meant something to them.


This was a crap Tech team and they beat us. May be the only win they have this year that matters.

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That and the Coogs-down sign, which is apparently a thing now.

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Right and we are going to get slaughtered in the big 12 next year

Nah I’m sure they beat Texas

This is a lot of effort for a school who apparently doesn’t care about us.


Are we to TT what Rice is to us?

Almost unbeatable???

At least in the last few decades it appears so!

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Maybe but we don’t storm the field after beating Rice.


Gosh im okay if Dana leaves.

This is probably the worst Tech team in a while.

UH was superior in talent and on alot of the game the defense was too much for them.

Texas Tech owns us. Let that sink in.

I saw a Bama player flashing horns down while standing over a Whorn player as time ran out.

Will he be facing federal charges?

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I was texting with my Okie lite cousin who observed that Houston has better talent than TT, why aren’t they beating them?

We lose all composure playing Tech. Not sure if we get too hyped or what but it looks like a first day of practice with the mistakes we make.


I could understand one sloppy game. It’s every game in recent memory.

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Good question. Apparently tech was doing Coogs down hand signs after the game.

Here’s where we finally gain an ally in UT by starting the Federation of Schools Victimized by Hand Signs Down.

Oh, the humanity.

Speaking of which, Saban was pissed about his players doing the horns down sign

He’s just PC’n it for public consumption.

In his office he’s like: “F those pitches.”

Bastards… I have to admit that is pretty funny… next year in htown…

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Who said they didn’t care? I don’t recall hearing any students, players or coaches saying that last week.