For Once, The Chronicle Gets it Right

They actually get it right when referring to the UT Houston debacle.

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Odd that they call him a New Yorker. Milliken is actually from Nebraska, went to school at Nebraska, became president of Nebraska and was only in New York for 4 years during his tenure at CUNY.

More interesting fact about him, and probably for most folks in Texas, is that he was the President of Nebraska when the Huskers went to the B1G. Means he has ties to the conference, knows how the process works, and this could signal the Horns moving.

If it does turn out to be the case, and I may be reading a lot into the hire, that would probably be the best outcome for UH as it would initiate movement across college sports while not taking up any of the potential landing spots.

Wait there is more:

“Milliken became Chancellor of the City University of New York in 2014. During his time as Chancellor, there has been federal and state investigations of institutional corruption at the university.[12] In November 2016, an interim report of an investigation conducted by the office of New York State Inspector General found “financial waste and abuse”, citing shoddy oversight and mismanagement that created a system ripe for financial waste and abuse, and criticized Milliken and CUNY General Counsel Frederick Schaffer, among others, for failing to “effectively operate” the university system.”[13][14][15] "

This is truly unreal. Where is the oversight? This is a prime example why people do not trust public officials. This is a clear cut example why it is time to reform the PUF. This hire has nothing to do with education. When will an independent PUF audit happen?

I am thankful every day that we have Dr. Khator.

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