For the B12 whiners re our record from the past few years

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quite confused by what im looking at here…

That’s some strong company.

Basically everyone’s record vs top 10 as ranked at the time of the game. Houston is 20 and then TCU at 39 is the first of the L8.

would have thought Alabama would surely be #1

edit - a bit misleading. some schools have played WAY more top 10 games, thus making this a not even playing field…

I hate to say it, but playing in power 5 conferences, matters in this instance.

it is not about sample size, it is winning %

we have been playing for fewer years than many blue bloods, and the record would indicate that when presented with the opportunity we have won our share.

some add’l data that you might find interesting. all time records vs new Big 12 brethren

someone plays 1 game against a top 10 team and wins, they have won 100% of those games

someone plays 100 games against top 10 teams and wins half of them, they have won 50%.

would say that sample size has a pretty big impact. its hard to win a lot of big games.

true but our sample size wasn’t small….60+ games