For those that say the Big 12 is a true Power Conference

What will your stance be if an undefeated team from a G5 (AAC), that played 1 P5 and 1 P Independent, gets in over a 1 loss Oklahoma State from the Big 12 ?

They already acknowledged that the best 1 loss teams from the SEC, B1G , and PAC were better than Cincinnati…but not the Big 12 one loss team.

And that was 1 loss in a conference WITH Texas and Oklahoma…how do you think the committee will view the Big12 without those two?

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Oklahoma and Texas were overrated :sunglasses:


Same with LSU, Florida, Alabama and a few other SEC schools this year but the committee ranks the quality of the conference higher than the Big 12.

If in a season we have 5 1 loss P5 champs, then the B12 will be left out.

But that will never happen so as long as we take care of business we will be in the playoff.

Most probable outcome is 1 loss okie state gets in over a 2 loss Alabama. However, if Bama beats Georgia, and Okie wins the big12, then Cincy will be left out.

It doesn’t matter. Cincy beat ND. Which is better than any win Okie State or Baylor would have. Plus, they also have 1 loss.


Things change from year to year. Its cyclical, with a bit of B10/SEC bias.

Everything is predicated on what your conference does against “good” programs OOC.

It will be obvious in three years that the B12 is one of the three best conferences. A few years later they’ll swing a bigger stick at playoff time.

Okie state will have beaten 2 top ten teams in a two week span. At least that’s the argument the cartel will make. Cincy needs Alabama to lose to be safely in.

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Yeah I think OSU will jump Cincy for this reason.

New playoff format will have 12 teams and Big 12 will be AQ. In theory you could have 4 losses one year and still get in by winning the conference title game.

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Let’s settle this debate by winning Saturday.

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Big 12 really does need a 12-team system. I think the model could go either way (top six vs P5+1) but I think we’re good either way. It just can’t stay at 4.

Why are you bringing this crap up? I will put it this way, if OSU beats BU in the B12 championship game, they will probably be in the CFP. When UH beats Cincy, the one loss Bearcats will not be in the CFP. Actually, until I see it, I am not convinced that Cincy will be in the CFP even if they luck out against UH.

Regardless, we are going to a true Power 5 conference; why can’t you accept that and enjoy it? Of the P5 conferences, 2 may be left out of the CFP altogether, does that mean they aren’t P5 conferences?


No…but 3 of the 5 other Power Conferences have had at least 1 1 loss team ahead of Cincinnati. The Big 12 had MULTIPLE 1 loss teams and none were ever ahead of Cincinnati. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Baylor are having good seasons.

Im just stating how the committee views the Big 12 relative to an undefeated AAC team and relative to their ranking to the other power Conferences.

The Big Ten and SEC clearly have more clout than we will (or the Pac-12 or the ACC). The ACC had an undefeated team below Cincy IIRC. The one loss Pac-12 team that was highly ranked was downstream of the Big Ten (Ohio State in particular) because that was their quality win (it had nothing to do with the prestige of their own conference).

You’re torturing yourself and us for no reason. The PAC is a great conference but hows the committee seen them lately?

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I will say they had to beat the University of Houston to get there so they deserve it .

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Honestly it’s about eyes on TV and people at game. Okie doesn’t bring anything. Cincy does because of the underdog thing and undefeated. Future B12 opponent. It wouldn’t affect them at all in 2 years. Just would make AAC work harder

They had 1 loss Oregon consistently ranked higher than Cincinnati till they suffered their second loss

Because they beat a highly valued Big Ten team.

If you wanted to rank Ohio State high, you had to rank Oregon high.