For you youngsters


Yeah, but some of us did

Did it in HS in front of a group of cheerleaders while they laughed…oh the emotional trauma…lol

Some don’t know how to use a clutch

How many youngsters know how to use this.

If you don’t show the cord from the phone to the wall outlet, kids may think they were independent. :wink:

Motorcycle for sure


I didn’t, but I saw it ain Karate Kid. :joy:

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I’ve done it more than once.

Just binged watch the Wire Season 1. Beepers and pay phones

Some folks have still not heard of a yearly membership to …

AAA + a smart phone

I had a semi-beat up 1970 Buick Skylark in HS. It had mag wheels and looked half way decent. I was on the basketball team and one day a cheerleader (a hottie who was GF with the star FB running back) asked me to borrow it to run an errand during lunch. I said “sure” hoping to get a little ROI, if you know what I mean. Alas, didn’t happen…

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