Former Coogs (Mills, Tyson, etc)

Thought I’d check in on Mills, Gresham, Tyson, Cedrick Alley

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I think its amazing cam is a redshirt sophomore this year. He’s gonna get six years on scholly.

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Gresham I believe is at TSU. May try to get over and see him and Shaq’s kid play.


Gresham was at the game today saw him talking to Lauren Sampson just before tipoff


If Mills is legitimately 6-5 then he’s sprouted 2 or 3 inches since he left

Well. I support 3 of the 4 as great Cougars and no I don’t intend on debating my perspective.


Gresham, Tyson and Ced Alley Jr are leading their teams in rebounding

*Gresham (7.5 rebs)
*Tyson (6.2 rebs)
*Alley Jr (6.8 rebs)

Caleb Mills is leading Florida St in scoring (13.2 pts)

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Amazing the culture of e have set here with the players.

It was very interesting to hear CKS say on his radio show last nite that he and Caleb were exchanging texts on Sunday. To quote kelvin, “I love that kid”.


Cam is averaging 28 ppg and 75% of his shots are from behind the arc (41% made). I thought Ramon Walker would be taking his three point shots but Ramon is two inches taller and 20 pounds heavier. Shows what little I know.

28 ppg?

It’s 13.2 points per game, like my original post said.

Think he may have mistaken his minutes for points. He’s averaging 14 ppg on 28 minutes.

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Ramon is a true freshman and seems hesitant sometimes. He’s doing all the little things to help the team and sooner than later he will start pouring in baskets. He has great form and a pretty shot.


I really really wish he would have stuck around.

Cam Tyson, not Caleb Mills


My bad. Cam is 2nd on his team in scoring.

He still has an issue when he plays good, athletic teams. Look at his numbers versuses the best teams on their schedule.

Cam leaving is what created room for Taze Moore to transfer right? Cam is a much better shooter than Moore, but Moore is better in pretty much every other aspect.