Former UN Weapons Inspector voiced His Opinion On Ukraine War

Former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and UN Weapons Inspector (Scott Ritter) say that the US would lose a war against Russia and China and that short of a nuclear exchange the US doesn’t have what it take to beat those two countries in a war and that in the case of a nuclear exchange the end of humanity would ensue so that all parties would lose. He isn’t alone; however, to hold this belief since there are many military and geopolitical analysts who have voiced their opinions that both Russia and China would defeat us militarily quite handily if we are to be involved in a war with them.

Also, Michael Averko (Independent Foreign Policy Analyst) explains that it is the US’s lack of care and understanding of the conflicts between the Ukrainians and the Russians within Ukraine’s own borders that contributes to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

If Russia can’t even beat Ukraine handily (and thus far, they haven’t been able to), then I scoff at the notion that Russia would defeat the far better armed and more powerful USA handily in a conventional war.

Perhaps a nuclear war is a different story; that might very well represent a mutually assured destruction scenario.

But in a conventional war…if the Ukraine can beat up Russia, then surely the more powerful USA can.

As for a conventional war involving Russia and China against the USA, that of course is tougher, but one has to consider that the USA rarely fights without allies. If Russia and China tried to gang up against the USA, NATO would have to become involved on the US side under treaty obligation. That evens up the score a bit. At that point, you have Russia and China fighting essentially the entire Western World. Not sure who to put money on at that point!

Moreover, India might decide to enter on the Western side, further tipping the scales in favor of the USA and its allies. India’s reliability as a security partner is now doubtful, based upon their unwillingness to condemn Russia in Ukraine, but by the same token, I doubt they’d be so foolish as to side with Russia against the USA.

Again though…a nuclear war is a different story.

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Russia is a failed military and a failed society and a failed political ideology. Yet they can blow all of us up.

I don’t have an analogy to this.


Scott Ritter is the former UN weapons inspector who spent four years in prison for pedophilia, oh and married his KGB handler


Not buying his assessment at all. Or his blaming the US for Russia invading

Pretty sad that HoustonCoogster quotes convicted pedophiles to make his case.


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Who is Houstoncoogster?
He has been posting ccp propaganda posts for as long as I remember.
I am all for free speech but what is this?
THE MAO TSE ding dong daily?

Yep, not more Russian propaganda. Lol

Meanwhile, A10 pilots are salivating to prove this former weapons inspector wrong.

Could you imagine what the US would have done to those Russian convoys? LOL…Saddam Hussain would like a word with this guy…


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Meanwhile, in purgatory FOR NO EFFING REASON…