Four corners schools to Big 12

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Is this guy legit Sam?

Swaim is legit.


This would be a great sign if it happens.

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I’m highly skeptical. He been known to put out bogus tweets in the past. But a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile


I would cal Swaim “hopeful legit”


Am hoping this happens.

Our Cougars Football team would come here every year, either to Phoenix or to Tucson.

And Basketball would possibly come to Tucson every year.


Would be cool, but not sure how optimistic I am given that UW and UO didn’t bolt right away.

You know that tweet has legit info when sources are “east coast media”

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Not this guy again.

This guy touches on it. You know its possible when it creeps in the nooks and crannies of established media. It seems no one has confidence in the PAC now.

Here’s are preseason football prediction: Utah first, ASU last

I’ll say this he’s been right on something’s. Reason said a blind squirrel can find a acorn once in awhile. We’ll see. Be GREAT NEWS! for the B12. I’ll wait on Jon Wilner to confirm


Imagine a scenario where Nike U, Washington, Cal, & Stanford end up in the MWC.

July 2022 could go really bad for them


Swaim IS NOT legit.

He threw a bunch of rumor garbage out there last summer that was worng.

Don’t listen to him.


I don’t see this happening until we know what happens with UW and UO

Swaim is not a credible source

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For the 4 corner four I don’t think that matters to them if it were my school I am President wouldn’t matter to me. They’ve been gutted for all practical purposes, I 'm not putting my U future on hope and uncertain future

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I don’t see this happening until we know what happens with UW and UO


Why on earth would you wait for that? It has no expiration date? You strengthen your conference now and take the TV dollars from the PAC.

Berman and Kellen follow him though so who knows if he has legit info.

Why would those 4 schools wanna sit around and wait for Oregon/UW to decide their faith with 1 foot out the door.