Four Years Ago Today

The Levine to Herman class was not good.

The Herman to Applewhite class was not good.

The Applewhite to Holgerson class was not good.

That is why we are down. Too many coaching transitions.


In all fairness, they don’t seem to win many regardless.

I was ready to fire Levine after the 1st game against Texas State. Hindsight being 20-20, I wish Levine would have canned Bush (Meacham/Offensive Line coach might have stayed. If my memory stands correct, the line coach quit without having a job). If that would have happened, we may still have Levine as a head coach and have a strong program, not have been in a rebuilding mode this year.

May have not worked out in the end as above, but there is one thing that is certain, Levine’s staff could identify talent, Gibbs and Spavital on the defensive side could develop talent and I think Meacham and the offensive line coach at the time were decent as well.

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Please don’t remind me how good that felt. It was party time :partying_face:. Nvm… please do remind me bc I almost forgot how good that felt.


And Louisville at Home Game…don’t forget that one.


Lamar Jackson got shut down!

Will NEVER forget that one.