Fran Fraschilla supports Houston to the Big 12

It has no bearing on anything, but nice to see the love.

I have no clue who he is. Not a put down, just saying I don’t know who he is.

He’s a former college basketball coach and current college basketball TV color man at ESPN.

Then again, you could have found out by googling the name or clicking on his twitter feed to read his bio instead of spending that time posting your message.

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SMU football will be competitive soon ?

Fraschilla became sort of famous when he got Manhattan to the NCAAs in the early 90’s and upset Oklahoma (led by Kelvin Sampson) in 1995’s 1st round. He later went on to St. John’s and New Mexico without really gaining the success he had at Manhattan. He’s been a staple on ESPN’s studio shows, broadcasts, etc for awhile now and is usually considered to be one of their better CBB analysts.

He is also the guy that reports on the foreign players when it comes to ESPN’s coverage of the NBA Draft.

Fraschilla is a great analyst. Knows the game but keeps it simple for the viewers. He ran into trouble as a coach once when he dropped his drawers at practice and grabbed his unit and told his players you gotta have cajones.

Yup, hes great w/the foreign guys. Frank knows every obscure league in & out.

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