Franklin gone

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Wish him well.

Also, just noticed he’s listed as a 4* Offensive Tackle. I honestly don’t remember his name being as hyped up as other committed recruits, especially with 4*.

CDH & staff are gonna have to work EXTRA HARD getting a B12 ready O-Line. It’s the position Dana has noted needs the most work going into the B12.

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The one area that by far concerns me…if we do not improve in the trenches, we’re going to get mauled next year


I think on3 had him as a 4 star. Rivals and 247 and his composite score had him as a mid 3 star.

Is it coaching or lack of Big Uglies ? I am going with the latter

Can’t lose what you never had. He didn’t sign, just committed which means nothing today.

Jamall Franklin Jr. made CDH look ridiculous?