Freak DeJon Jarreau Injury Could Cripple Houston’s Final Four Visions — Paper City Article

Freak DeJon Jarreau Injury Could Cripple Houston’s Final Four Visions — Hip Trouble Overshadows Round One Romp

I love how Baldwin refers to Sampson’s past punishment to the number of big coaches who have gotten away scott free from paying players.


That was great. And I really liked THE Oral Roberts. Lol.

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We need to bring in two shooters next year, one at a minimum. I expect all of our young players to improve but I’m not confident we can sustain this level of success without guys that can knock down the perimeter shot.

Fabian and Chaney will give us the best front court in the league next year. Sasser will improve. Mark will give you double digit points. Walker will be Mark this year plus we get to add 3 transfers. We will be fine.


From the article:

“Neither is the fact that this win ties Sampson with no less than UCLA legend John Wooden on the all-time career victories list. In Assembly Hall, where Sampson coached before he was forced out of the college game for making more phone calls to recruits than allowed under NCAA rules at that time. A rule — and a punishment — that seems beyond out of whack considered the number of big name coaches who have been implicated in the FBI wiretapping scandal — that centers around paying players to attend certain schools — who have gone largely completely unpunished.


Chaney goes beastly next year. Print it!!!


Deeky will play!!!

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He’s going pretty beastly this year.

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