Great seeing Fred Couples on the PGA broadcast today interviewed by Jack Buck on ESPN. The big thing is he’s wearing a black and red Houston UH sweatshirt with jumpman. How sweet it is! Thanks. Fred


Great rep. I always enjoy watching the old Shell series with Couples. Just a joy to watch that sweet swing. He was always the same guy. Every shot, every tourney. He could have gone back to Seattle and never thought about Houston again but he stayed a Coog to the end. Sometimes I think we don’t deserve our legends.


Several years ago he was playing in a senior event here in San Antonio…. Took my 10 year old daughter(played hookie) at the time with me…. She was wearing a UH t-shirt…. So we were following Fred’s group for awhile…. They were standing on the box waiting to hit at a par 3….he looks over and sees her and says “ hey young lady I like your shirt”, her response was “ thank you, my dad made me wear it”… we all laughed and I got a fist bump from him….super nice.


Boom Boom!!!

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