Free Throws in the Clutch Again

How come it always comes down to missing free throws. I know he had hit quite a few, but when it counted missing two killed us in the end. Almost thought Alvin Franklin was shooting free throws.

They make a good point on the postgame, why wasn’t the end bound pass covered? Allowed to catch the ball going to the basket thus not taking time… of course hit the FT’s and that’s a moot point.

Hats off on a great season, what a crappy end though!

I’m just sick… that was such a heartbreaker. Yes great season but… if only we had hit our free throws
I feel so bad for theses guys.

Devin Davis, was 9 of 10 on free throws then misses 2 crucial free throws, so painful. I am not going to use that word.

Karma caught back up to me. I still owed somebody for dennis scott’s misses 25 years back.