Freshman/Newcomer Jersey Numbers

Plus number changes from 2015

SAF Michael Eke 10 to 18
RB Duke Catalon 31 to 2

SAF Terrell Williams 3
QB D’Eriq King 4
CB Ka’Darian Smith 4
SAF Collin Wilder 5
WR Terry Mark 6
CB Patrick Rosette 7
WR Marquez Stevenson 7
WR Courtney Lark 9
QB Kyle Allen 10
DT Ed Oliver 10
QB Bowman Sells 12
WR Keith Corbin 18
CB Javian Smith 19
SAF Austin Robinson 22
SAF J.J. Dallas 23
RB Mulbah Car 34
P Dane Roy 38
DE Aymiel Fleming 50
OT Na’Ty Rodgers 51
OL Braylon Jones 52
OL Alex Fontana 53
OL Dixie Wooten III 56
OL Keenan Murphy 77
WR Tren’Davian Dickson 80
TE Chris Johnson 81
TE Alex Leslie 87
DE Hasaun Glasgow 92

We are going to have a heck of a 1 - 2 punch (Ka-Pish) . I couldn’t help it, but on a serious note, I’ll take number 10 jersey whenever they do the auction :slight_smile:

Surprised to see #7 back on the roster after a very noticeable hiatus the past 4 years…

It is interesting. I know Tre Stewart had wanted it when he came in.

Coaches pretty much do whatever they want. And who is in a position to say no?

I’m really talking about some more important things, like the 11am Lamar game and moving the coaches show to lunchtime.

But this is another small example IMO.

Gotta take the good with the bad.

There was a thread about Ed Oliver and no 11, I guess he settled with no 10

Is there a certain time when the team announces which players are redshirted? I can see a lot of the freshmen making contributions this year

If they’re good enough to break into the 2 deep or contribute on special teams, then they will play. Otherwise, they will redshirt and focus on developing their skills and improving their strength, speed, quickness, etc.

I think we should expect to see more freshman play this year than did last year.

I think #10 is weird for a DE. Of course if there are any packages where he would come in on offense, he would not have to have the ref announce it. Could end up in something sneaky. :wink:

Good point, I didn’t think of that. We did have a couple trick plays, my favorite was Ayers to Allen.

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