Fresno State choking to UNLV

Running Rebels lead 14-3 and currently driving for another score

Still a lot of time left.

Quick strike by UNLV at the start of the half. Flanker screen with good blocking (really) for 80 yds.

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UNLV leads 21-9. Seems FSU forgot that they aren’t in the Pac-12

Amazing what the right quarterback can do for a team!


This really needed its own thread?

Yep. Problem?

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Those screens are killing Fresno.

Just dont see the relevance to the board

Theres nothing else going on tonight


Fair enough. Fresno QB is a gamer.

Ain’t that the truth!

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UNLV pissed away a 3 score lead. I wonder why that sounds so familiar

What a back and forth fight. UNLV back up thanks to a field goal. 30-29

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Fresno State won 38 - 30

This game is a thread? Why?


Not Big 12.

I just wasted two minutes of my life.

Because I said so. That’s why.

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Why the fuss?

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Because it is my west coast source.
Because we could watch a real talent at q-back
Because some us nighthawks look for entertainment while the rest of you are sleeping.


Tell 'em Jim.