Friday night action

Boise getting drilled by Virginia at home.

Good for the AAC. SDSU might go undefeated, but their conference is in bad shape.

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He’ll at this rate I think we might go undefeated. I’m not confident in AAC teams, besides us. We’ll know more tomorrow for sure.

Memphis and Navy still scare me. But Tulsa and USF have not looked impressive so far.

I want to see how our offense responds to the pressure. Seems like the defense covers any mistakes because of how good they are.

I agree with Navy, we should always fear them.

I feel like Memphis hasn’t been tested. It would’ve been nice to see them play UCF. After they play Navy and come to the cage I think they’ll be exhausted and too injured, but we’ll see.

Boise lacking the obvious NFL types these days.
Noticed they got away from throwing to multiple pass catching TEs & HBack types that worked for years

I like the chrome face mask on the BS helmets.

Memphis played UCLA. Seems like a pretty difficult test to me. Certainly harder than anything we’ve played. Memphis is a legit threat.


Yea but it turned into touchdown race. Neither team played defense.

After tomorrow I think we’ll have a better picture on how we’ll do against Riley Ferguson.

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Utah up on Arizona 10-3 late in the first.

Zona rb got greedy and fumbles in the redzone.

Arizona hanging in there. 13-10 with 1:39 to go in the 1st half.

Strange ending to the half as Utah flubs a snap on a punt putting Arizona in Field Goal range, but Utah blocks the field goal. 13-10 Utah at half.

Zona ran a rollout with 18 seconds on the clock???

Why not run something quicker. Strange. Only time to run 1 play.

Yeah, that was a questionable call.

Arizona starting to fall apart. Utah with a TD and Arizona throws an interception on the next drive.

20-10 Utah with 6:30 to go in the 3rd

Arizona gets the ball back and scores a TD. 20-17

Zona has missed out on 3 td’s by self inflicted mistakes.

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Nice td there

Oh man, and Arizona recovers the onside kick. Down 6 with 2:41 to go

Arizona might have just shot themselves in the foot