Friday Night Lights Coach Passes

Ya know what’s ironic about that whole story?

In the book and movie, one player, Brian Chavez, was depicted as the great student who went on to Harvard undergrad (and Texas Tech law school) and was portrayed as Odessa’s shining star.

Postscript: that guy later pleaded guilty to a second degree felony (burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault), and lost his law license for five years while he completed deferred adjudication.

A lot of the Friday Night Lights movie was fake. I’m sure they changed many players real stories.

I played against these guys in high school….honestly don’t remember if it was 87 or 88….I remember it was 40 something to 20 something……not horrible.

Winchell and Stoney Case both played QB.

I think more than anything what I remember was coming back from lunch(open campus) and RV’s and cars and trucks were starting to take over our student parking lot….these fools were tailgating all afternoon….grill, beer, etc. and nobody told them to leave….I specifically remember “ Country Boy Can Survive” blaring from a stereo and Mojo flags waving everywhere.

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