Fringe Website Names Grand Jurors

Yes, experts say protests at SCOTUS justices’ homes appear to be illegal

Completely irrelevant.

Lol, seems pretty relevant to me. How did those protesters find out where the justices live?

Supreme Court Justices are known government officials and very likely didn’t do much to keep their home address secret. Additionally they can afford security if needed and have their own police department that assists.

Grand Jurors, are private citizens and not any sort of political official. Grand juries are supposed to be secret, so that someone is posting their identities or suspected identities is a problem for several reasons:

  1. All they did was their civic duty
  2. No way to confirm that the leaked info is correct.
  3. The voting is over, they will never reconvene or meet on a similar subject

So why would anyone need their address except to intimidate, threaten or harm them? Why would anyone need to protest in front of a private citizens home? Grand jurors just make votes on evidence presented, they aren’t political.

This is an apples and oranges comparison.

Edit: So there is a statute that would prevent protest at the home of juror, judge, with intent to intimidate. So, under that statute you would be right and it is the same thing. So, maybe I misunderstood your post, were you adding that information to say that you do not agree with the fringe website posting the identities? Did I misunderstand you @firstandten?

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But under state law, the identities of the jurors are not secret. Too, 23 jurors served, with a vote of 12 being necessary to indict. The jurors can tell anyone anything, but Mealteam Six has no way of knowing which voted for indictment on the various charges and who didn’t.


Actually, in Texas, the Grand Jurors’ names do NOT appear to be protected.

See Section 19A.104 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

Art. 19A.104. PERSONAL INFORMATION CONFIDENTIAL. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (c), information collected by the court, court personnel, or prosecuting attorney during the grand jury selection process about a person who serves as a grand juror is confidential and may not be disclosed by the court, court personnel, or prosecuting attorney.

(b) Information that is confidential under Subsection (a) includes a person’s:

(1) home address;

(2) home telephone number;

(3) social security number;

(4) driver’s license number; and

(5) other personal information.

(c) On a showing of good cause, the court shall permit disclosure of the information sought to a party to the proceeding.

For all of their personal information, a showing of good cause to the court is required.

But merely their names do NOT appear to be protected.

You can probably find out the Grand Jurors’ names without a showing of good cause.

Any other information about them is protected.

That said, there are harassment and stalking statutes that make it a crime to do a number of things that might constitute Doxing a grand juror.

See penal code sections 42.07 and 42.072 for more info.

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Interesting, thanks for clarification. Obviously I was wrong in some of my thinking on this, I don’t mind admitting it (unlike some people here who just continually double down).

I don’t know if the law is the same in Georgia but either way, once a grand jury has done it’s duty, why would anyone need their name or anything? No need to protest in front of their home to get them to change their vote as they can’t, nor would they have the opportunity to vote on similar issues again (like a supreme court justice might).

I guess to put it more succinctly, grand jury hearings and deliberations are secret but the jurors identities are not. However, there’s really no need for the public to know information on the members of the grand jury, especially once they have completed their duty.

Same thing no difference. I can guarantee they don’t publishv thier address.

Depends on what you mean by publish, I’m sure they don’t put it out on a website or on a book. However, while it would make sense that they limit the public information available on their addresses but there’s plenty of places they could have overlooked or are unable to hide the address. Plus you have all those data brokers online (ever googled yourself and seen what the various data brokers have on you)? It really isn’t hard for someone to find their address if they know where to look. It isn’t like the justices are invisible to their neighbors either so its an undisclosed location.

You really didn’t answer the question, do you think it was right for the grand jury members names and other information to be published (doxed)?

It happened to his side so it should happen to the other (yes, I know there aren’t really sides here).

People doing their civic duty should be harassed, according to firstie.

Hey firstie, the next time you have to serve jury duty, do us all a favor and publish your address right here, since it’s not a big deal.

There’s madness in the methods.

It’s clearly a goal of voter suppression because of who benefits from large voter turnout.

Exhibit A is one ballot drop off location in all of Harris County.

Exhibit Z