Fritz vs Herman

The case for Fritz is Case.
Fritz has won a championship or two in every conference he’s coached in,
also coach of the year in every conference
he is a winner who knows how to win anywhere he goes.

He also has an expiration date…he’s not coaching past 10 years if he even goes that long.

you bring in Fritz and case as qb coach…you tell him, promote case to OC when he’s ready and then retire when he’s ready to take over…

I think he is one of the only coaches you could do this with…the other is wade phillips…but he’s a coach not a recruiter…

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I like the way you think. Fritz and Case would be awesome. Heck, I’d settle for Holgy and Case. That could be a killer combo

I agree with that. I think Sark is an average IQ with an above average understanding of offense. To his benefit he can buy the best DC’s in the country. But his in-game work seems frenetic…almost panicky.

Like your spirit, but Holgy and Case are like oil and water. You know Case is like a teetotal Christian yes?

First, pretty sure Case drinks. He owns (or partly owns) a winery.

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Second, I think Case and Holgy are friends and remain in contact.