From a long time COOG Fan

and one who expected Tulsa to rolls us, I’m happy to report our demise was short lived. Many of us looked at the TT debacle as a sure sign Holgi didn’t know what to do. However, tonight gives us fans hope that in fact the team is just building and it was us having a bad day with TT. I think Holgi knows he is on thin ice, tonight he is on thicker ice. We welcome this victory with hands held high and with hopes that
in NO we see victory again. I think he faces a better coached team but no doubt he did well tonight. He had the team prepared and they looked good, particularly the defense. GO COOGS


Winning begets winning, losing begets losing. We are on a 4 game winning streak.

I am glad we are begetting the right way again.


Taking a wait and see attitude on CDH… But happy for him the staff and the team. Eat’em Up!

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If we protect the ball and make teams go the length of the field against this defense we have a chance to beat anyone on the schedule.

Offense jumped on Tulsa early and made them have to throw and our dline just made life miserable for the QB last night. That was fun to watch.