Fuente out at VT

After six years. Proud program in Hokieland.

Fuente to TCU?

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Lets play them in a bowl

Not a bad idea, tbh.

Not a bad idea but I doubt they go for it. Certainly not if Sonny Dykes is available.

North Texas, though? I could definitely see that.

He’s got great tie ins to the North Texas area.

My TCU buddies are so mad. They fired GP with no legitimate coaches who want to come. They tried to beat Tech to the punch, and now are left with who? Prime?

I give them $hit saying they’ll just hire Jerry Kill.

As far as I know they still have Sonny Dykes on stand-by. If that’s not good enough for them I really don’t know what they were expecting.

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I thought they wanted Dykes all along.

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They may want Dykes, but Dykes may not go. SMU has money and who wants to come behind Patterson? The coach they hire is a short term 3 to 4 year guy then they’ll go after someone else.

Basically, they are about to pull a Texas where it’s a coaching carousel.

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Dykes sure doesn’t sound to me like a guy who isn’t going to leave SMU. Not like he did when we made a run at him when he was at Louisiana Tech.

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AD fired at Miami. Means Manny on thin ice

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Yeah, I think Diaz is done.

Miami isn’t as good a job as people from Miami think it is, is the problem. So I don’t know who they get.

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Im sure Memphis would love to have him back lol

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I don’t think we especially wanted Sumlin back, though, even when we weren’t good. My guess is that if Memphis wants a new coach they will want a new coach.

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Herman , Fuente, Frost … could all have stayed in place and everyone would have been a lot better for it.


" MIKE HOUSTON, EAST CAROLINA: The Pirates’ head coach owns tremendous success in the Commonwealth from his run atop the James Madison program, and he’s continuing to make an impact at East Carolina."

Houston just one on a long list but what a gut kick to lose him now when they are finally getting rolling.

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Had some time to kill this afternoon…

School Coach Departed Next Institution Result Result Year/Season
Cincinnati Mark Dantonio 2006 Michigan State Retired 2019
Cincinnati Brian Kelly 2009 Notre Dame Still there N/A
Cincinnati Butch Jones 2012 Tennessee Fired 2017
Houston Art Briles 2007 Baylor Fired 2016
Houston Kevin Sumlin 2011 Texas A&M Fired 2017
Houston Tom Herman 2016 Texas Fired 2020
UCF Scott Frost 2017 Nebraska Still there N/A
UCF Josh Heupel 2020 Tennessee Still there N/A
Memphis Justin Fuente 2015 Virginia Tech Fired 2021
Memphis Mike Norvell 2019 Florida State Still there N/A
SMU Chad Morris 2017 Arkansas Fired 2019
South Florida Willie Taggart 2016 Oregon/Florida State Left/Fired 2017/2019
ECU Skip Holtz 2009 South Florida Fired 2012
Tulsa Steve Kragthorpe 2006 Louisville Fired 2009
Tulsa Todd Grahm 2010 Pittsburgh/Arizona State Left/Fired 2011/2017
Western Michigan P. J. Fleck 2016 Minnesota Still there N/A
Boise State Dirk Koetter 2000 Arizona State Fired 2006
Boise State Dan Hakins 2005 Colorado Fired 2010
Boise State Chris Petersen 2013 Washington Retired 2019
Boise State Bryan Harsin 2020 Auburn Still there N/A
Northern Illinois Jerry Kill 2010 Minnesota Retired 2015
Northern Illinois Dave Doeren 2012 North Carolina Still there N/A
Northern Illinois Rod Carey 2018 Temple Still there N/A

“Them that’s fired and them that’s gonna be.”

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" Gary Patterson, ex-TCU coach: Patterson’s name popped up for this job as he left TCU. He was nowhere near done with coaching when he was shown the door."

Chris Peterson retired he didn’t get fired.