Fun fact: Over the last 20 seasons, every UH head coach except for Levine and Holgerson lead a ranked UH football team during their tenure

Auburn dumped Malzahn after too many 8-5 seasons.

Eventually UCF will, too.

We were not ranked 20 years ago under Dimel.

It took Briles 4 seasons to have a great team.

What is the motive to post endless threads which bash Dana?


I agree. These threads are tiring. Let’s enjoy 5-1 and credit CDH for possibly righting the ship


I have no idea. There is clearly a hidden agenda by some that either want us to fail or just want to present themselves as experts in what should happen with our football program. Dana is their target as well as Tune but to a lesser degree now. They are running out of targets and need a few losses to get their anti- whatever machine churning again.

Many were chanting “I like Ike” as if that was what Dana should do, replace Tune with Ike. What did Holgy do? He outcoached them all by redesigning the offense around an injured QB that he knew could throw. He redesigns and adapts better than most coaches and many of his nay sayers dont even see it.


I don’t care if you’re ranked during the season. I care if you’re ranked at the end. Losing 4 of 5 and going from #17 to not receiving votes in 2 weeks isn’t much to brag about.

Look at that “magical” USF season where they got up to #2 in the country but finished unranked. If that happened here would you say we were a top 5 team or would you let it go as fool’s gold?


Wow, is this accurate? Now that is depressing. And I have had season tickets for most of those years (since leaving the Dome) and I did not realize that this was the case.

According to wiki which usually gets data correct even if they mess up their opinion pieces occasionally.

And the OP had it wrong. Levine was coach at UH in 2011 when we ended the season ranked 18th after a win in the Ticket City bowl. He coached one game that season and it was a win.


Great…Another bash Holgorsen thread…

How fun…


We go 11-1 this year, we could be ranked… Beat Cincy in the championship game and we WILL get ranked…

For what it’s worth… the OP posted this on Sep 9 after the TT loss and before our current win streak. It is not ‘another thread’. It’s just extremely high-quality necromancing by a fellow Coog. :slight_smile:

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So we were ranked after beating Penn State and FSU in bowl games. We had too far to go to be ranked after beating Pitt in the Armed Forces Bowl?

We were 7-5 so yes, a long way to go.

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2011 and 2015.

You want to be more depressed? From 1992 to 2008, we weren’t ranked at any point any season


That did it. Thanks. I do recall the seasons just hoping to get to bowl eligibility.

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Interesting to note our best years ever for being ranked post season was when we were an independent from 1966-1974. Conference affiliation is not our friend

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We were never ranked under Dimel whose last year here was 2002. According to the media guide, the first season we were ranked after his tenure, at the end of the season, was 2011 under Sumlin.

Under Briles, if we were ever ranked, I assume it was during the the 2006 season, his 4th year at UH, when we started 4-0 against 4 unranked teams. However, we lost the next 4 games so if we were ranked it was indeed short lived.

Under Applewhite, in 2018 we won 7 of our first 8 games and then lost 3 of the last 4 before the debacle in the Armed Forces Bowl losing to Army 70-14. Of our wins, USF was ranked (and I believe the only team with a winning record) who was ranked #20 when we played them. But they lost to us which started a 6 game losing skid the rest of the season. So, if we were ranked under Applewhite, it was based on a house of cards and the running of D’Eric King and a defense that had Oliver.

But, I assume this is yet another thread to run down Holgorsen and you selected this as yet another slam. But since your title statement is inaccurate, I will amend it to say, over the last 10 years, 3 of the 5 coaches were ranked at some time in the season. No, Holgorsen hasn’t had us ranked – yet.


If Art ever had the team ranked, it was in the Coaches Poll. Never ranked in the AP.

2009 we were actually ranked for 11 weeks making it as high as #12 after beating Tech to go 3-0. But lose 4 games including the last 2; CCG and getting blown out in your bowl, you end the season unranked.

2010 we were ranked for 1 week at #23 at 2-0. But get blown out by UCLA and lose Case Keenum to injury, no more being ranked that year

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Technically we were ranked for the bowl win over Penn State…so…

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That was 2011 one of the 2 times already mentioned… but he means during the regular season.

Just so everyone will know Coach Yeoman never had a ranked team until his 5th. Season at UH…1966.

The well known way to be ranked every year is to have good recruiting and Coaches who know how to coach.

We seem to be on that path.


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