Fun fact: Over the last 20 seasons, every UH head coach except for Levine and Holgerson lead a ranked UH football team during their tenure

How exactly is this a ‘fun’ fact?


Fun fact: If you stand with one foot in a bucket of ice, and the other foot in a bucket of scalding hot water, you’ll feel just fine.

We weren’t ranked in the coaches’ poll at any point under Art either. We would have been ranked at 5-0 if Battle hadn’t fumbled inside the 10 and we’d put Miami away. Not trying to hate on Jackie, though, because he was a big part of what that team accomplished.

We also probably would have been ranked in the final poll if we’d beaten South Carolina.


I flew with the team to the Miami game and took my sons to the Liberty Bowl. i remember them well. Being a Coog and being involved can be very fulfilling (even when we lose) and I recommend it


I think Dana is trying hard to get the team playing like a ranked team. Its not easy.

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We were never ranked under briles…we were something like 26th and 27th in both polls after the conference championship won against southern miss.

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I went to the Liberty Bowl when we lost to Syracuse and again when we lost to South Carolina. We need to win some bowl games.


In the Briles’ era we were ecstatic to be “receiving votes”.

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So the Peach Bowl win really raised the expectations around Coogfans… I wonder if any of our Class of '23 Big XII companions have any of these unranked streaks.

I think it was actually the 2011 season that raised our expectations. Prior to that, I think we’d generally have considered 8-4 a pretty darn good season, but we got one undefeated regular season and decided that’s who we are now.


Thats not right at all… We finished no. 4 in USA in 76 after winning SWC and beating undefeated no. 4 Maryland in Cotton bowl… 78 team was 6 or 7 i think, and lost heartbreaker to notre Dame on last play of game…and the 79 team finished 11-1, no 3 in USA and beat Nebraska in Cotton… 76 and 79 SWC and Cotton champs were our highest ranked teams ever…


Sure, we had some good seasons in the swc but you need to look at the years before that.

We were ranked 1966-1974 as an independent. That is 9 years in a row.

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Our best ranks were in the SWC.

Perhaps best but not most. That was my original post, most times ranked

When were we ranked in 1972?

ok, 8 out of the 9 years. In 72 we went 6-4-1. My first year at UH Cullen College

Looking at the whole history…

We finished ranked 8 out of 26 seasons as an independent or 30.8% of the time.

In the SWC, it was 6 out of 20 for 30%.

So independent was barely better than SWC for % of seasons ranked. But average ranking was much higher in the SWC.

What I found interesting was to count our Coaches in the past 20 years.

We are on #7.

A new Coach every 3 years.

And then fans actually devote time to calculating why UH Football cannot get, and stay, ranked.


Hmmm…amazing what you can do when you manipulate data. All kinds of different things can be discerned.

For instance, we have only been ranked in either poll a total of 17 times. Of those, 8 were during non conference affiliation. That is a whopping 47%!!!

Your turn

I have mixed thoughts on that. Good coaches left. Assuming we tried our best to keep them, the school couldn’t keep that number down for those.

Then there are the bad/avaerage/long term unknown coaches. If we hadn’t fired them, the # of coaches would be lower, but does that mean we’d be more successful?
If we kept Levine, would we have had a top 10 team which made it possible for that coach to leave?
How long do you keep around coaches that appear average hoping that they eventually have a team that finishes ranked?

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