I don’t know how current this website is, but it indicates we are about $5.7M from our goal on the Fertitta Center.

And about $3.5M from our goal on the indoor practice facility.

Also, need to raise $6.5M for the new law center building, $32.5M for the new medical school, and $7.5M for Health Building 2.


Thank goodness I have so many choices. I can now take my time to write the big check. Decision, decisions what to do.

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I am not wealthy, and have always given what I could to CLASS, but this year I am going to add the Med School because what they are doing is worth me taking a couple restaurant visits with the fam off and cooking at home for everyone. I love the vision for our new med school, and am thrilled we can all be a part of it.


I saw that the fundraising needed for the law school building is now at $5 million (down from $6.5 million).

The goal is to raise $10 million by the end of 2018.


What ever happened with the O’Quinn family? Are they still involved with UH athletics?

I believe the O’Quinn Foundation is in charge of managing his inheritance (or most of it).

We did receive $5 million for the new football stadium to keep the football field named after him.

I haven’t heard any major gifts since then?