Future OOC Scheduling

Besides Texas and Texas A&M, who would you like to see us schedule (assuming no availability issues and these are all home and home)?

Alabama, LSU and Notre Dame come to my mind.

I want both usc’s.

I for one, could care less about ut or a$m.

Arkansas would be fun as well as Miami.
Both might be achievable, but ONLY a home and home with ours being at TDECU.

Ohio State. The story line of the former pupil versus the former teacher would be more than enough to make that game interesting.

I’d take LSU, Alabama, & ND and you could keep UT & aTm. I’d like to throw in Ohio State, Southern Cal, and Georgia also.

They all would be great…except those teams just do not go on the road against teams like UH.

Yet, OU did.

Ohio State is #1 on my wish list, as well. The script writes itself, and I’ve noticed that we have a little bit of respect from their fans. It would be enjoyable, and I think the typical “G5” trash talk would be minimal. A lot of them watch our games and know we can play.

I’d also like to start playing Pac 12 schools, and show them what we’re about. I know we have Zona coming up, which is good. I’d also like to see Arizona State, Cal, Stanford, USC, UDub. Talk about some awesome road trips.

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OU is playing us at TDECU !!!

To me that is home and home.

They did this to make $$$ twice in this deal !

I see it as a home and home, and as a win/win situation for everyone. They get to make some money and get to recruit Houston, and we get put on the national stage and our fans get to experience a legitimate, CFP-level atmosphere in our own backyard.

Home and home with LSU my number one choice.
Arkansas would be great play the hogs again.
I would play in reliant for these games just like OU
Norte dame would be number 3 but I would rather get them in the post season

OU scheduled this game when Tony was coaching and before the resurgence last year and Peach Bowl win. We will never know for sure but I wonder if OU would do the same deal now knowing what they do about the current state of UH football?

I think B10 programs are ideal. Ohio State would be great but I am fine with Michigan State, Iowa, etc. as solid teams and B10 schools don’t seem to mind going on the road against non-P5 schools.

I want at least one TOP 3 & one Top 5 from any P5 every year.

Ohio State would be an awesome roadie to Columbus! Any PAC school - Utah, Oregon… all of them. Really, any top 20 school in my book.

“OU is playing us at TDECU”

Wait, wut… lol

I would take 2 for 1s at TDECU with:

  1. LSU - No-brainer for both schools IMO. LSU has a huge alumni base in Houston, and we have had great success recruiting south Louisiana in recent years. Tailgating/gameday atmosphere is a plus.

  2. Ole Miss - Two words: The Grove. Tailgating Mecca of the universe.

  3. Washington - New stadium, program on the rise, unique locale, and COOL WEATHER.

EECOOG69, I know they wouldn’t go for it. I was just throwing out my OOC wish list in answer to the original question. My reality list would look a bit different.

Since the big 12 believes it owns the Houston market I would turn it around on them and only schedule SEC teams. Then watch and see how quickly they come calling.

I think you just announced the National Title game…:wink:

The guy stated that OU scheduled us for a “home and home”…

Playing them @ NRG and then playing them at their stadium is NOT a “home and home” to me !!!

UH has a FB stadium for a reason. The game @ NRG is NOT a UH home game !!!

So, my comment about OU playing us @ TDECU was sarcasm !!!

Right over your head !

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