Future Realignment Thread


That’s why we got into the Big 12 at full shares in 2025, while Stanford had to beg its way into the ACC at 30% shares with no full shares for a DECADE.

That tells you how much more valuable OUR brand was than theirs.

A higher paying employer (the Big 12) wanted our services and didn’t want theirs.

The market alone is the best indicator of brand size and value, and the market favored US over them.


So put Stanford’s academic brand out of your mind.

Their football and basketball brands SUCK compared to ours currently.

  1. How can there be exit penalties if the ACC doesn’t pay its teams?

  2. If the ACC doesn’t have a media deal in place, then how exactly is it a lateral move?

  3. The Big 12 media deal has a built in look-in clause to renegotiate the media deal UPWARDS if they expand

If ESPN wants to maximize profits, then why wouldn’t they exercise their option to extend the media deal at current terms while the ACC’s 3 most profitable brands still remain in the conference?

Why would they give them more leverage to make the jump? Just to pay the ACC more money without its best brands?

Explain it to me because it makes no sense

@uhlaw97 @UH1927

I don’t think Stanford and UH are really comparable to the point of deciding which is the “better brand”.

Both schools provide different value for different reasons. Let’s not forget that UH almost got left out of Big 12 expansion even in this most recent wave. Tilman had to step in.

The other thing to keep in mind is that while Football is the main driver in realignment, Academics absolutely still do matter and play a major role. It’s exactly why I don’t think FSU and Clemson will get invites to the B1G, at least not at full shares.

Edit: Academics is also why I think UNC and Virginia will end up in the SEC over FSU and Clemson, amongst other reasons (not THE reason)

Actually it is, because it is football brand size, and basketball brand size to a far lesser extent, that drive this whole realignment thing.

Academic brand size DOES NOT drive this.

Our basketball brand is infinitely better than Stanford’s.

And given how bad Stanford football has been in recent years, our football brand is better as well.

Plus…UH is better equipped than just about anybody to take advantage of the transfer portal, and certainly has NIL potential, even if we aren’t there quite yet.

Stanford…by contrast…gosh. I can’t think of a school more POORLY equipped to use the transfer portal, given their academic requirements, and given how their student body and alums probably don’t give a flip about football or basketball, I don’t see them being an NIL powerhouse either.

UH is a better sports brand, and THAT is what matters.

Stanford’s strength is is NON-REVENUE sports that definitely DO NOT DRIVE realignment.

I don’t disagree with majority of what you said above, but I still don’t agree that UH and Stanford are really comparable.

For example, if it was a battle between UH and Stanford for an invite to the B1G, Stanford wins that battle every time merely because of Academics, regardless of value or potential value of UH’s athletics programs.

In another hypothetical example, let’s say UH was still in The American, i doubt the ACC would have expanded with UH over Stanford in their same circumstances. Notre Dame had a huge hand in getting Stanford in, but still… don’t thinnk UH would make it into the ACC.

That being said, the reason I point out why Academics still matter is because everyone just assumes that the conferences, not the networks, no longer care about academics which i fully disagree with.

Florida State, in my opinion, is not worth a full share to the B1G due to 2 reasons alone.

  1. Academics
  2. Travel costs for non-revenue sports (which their status as non-AAU doesn’t justify these costs)

UNC and Virginia add value to the SEC (media market value aside) for 2 reasons:

  1. They boost the SEC’s academic reputation when compared to the B1G (by essentially having the 2 largest public ivies UT & UNC)
  2. UNC and Virginia aren’t threats to schools like Alabama, Georiga, OU, etc. on the field (in fact, it’s UNC/Virginia’s lack of football success that gets them in the SEC over FSU/Clemson

Except that because their football and basketball brands aren’t big enough, Stanford won’t get a B1G invite in the first place, so the point is moot.

I disagree, again… Stanford and UH differ and I’ll give you a hypothetical.

If Notre Dame informs the B1G that they will formally join the conference as a full member, on the subjectivity that Stanford also joins - I promise you… Stanford is a B1G school at FULL SHARES


I don’t think that the B1G would do that.

If they were blackmailed into taking Stanford in such a way, then Stanford would NOT get full shares.

If Washington couldn’t get full shares, then Stanford surely won’t.

Anyway, I don’t see that as a plausible hypothesis.

The B1G has never made a “ND plus Stanford” offer, so that’s an academic question at best.

PS: Stanford AIN’T going to the B1G.

If even the Big 12 didn’t want them (and they DIDN’T), then surely the B1G won’t.

And I don’t realistically see ND making such a demand.

They haven’t needed Stanford to have an open invite to the B1G in the past, so what makes anyone think that that would insist upon that as a pre-condition for them to join?

ND fans care more about USC, Michigan, Michigan State, etc than Stanford.

Don’t OVERESTIMATE Stanford as an ND rival.

My five ND cousins barely give a crap about the Stanford game.

Well they never made Stanford an offer because that situation has never really brought itself forward. Stanford was still a member of the PAC, and Notre Dame still values independence.

Put it this way, let’s say the ACC collapses fully or at least is no longer a P5 conference because 4 or 5 schools leave.

Notre Dame pretty much has 3 options. 1. Join the B1G as a full member
2. Join the Big 12 or partner with the Big 12 (which the Big 12 would absolutely accept)
3. Remain independent and play G5 schools with no path to the CFP

The B1G desperately wants Notre Dame, but because they would have some kind of leverage (Big 12), they could tell the B1G that they will join the B1G if they bring in Stanford as well. Hey, perhaps not at a full shares, but Stanford still gets that invite.

They could have made it when the PAC started to fall apart.

They DIDN’T.

That should tell you all you need to know.

Who knows what was offered, but Notre Dame never made it apparent that they had any interest in leaving the ACC in the first place.

Notre Dame would join the B1G, but only if they absolutely have no other choice.

If Notre Dame can remain independent in football regardless of the conference landscape, then they will as long as it still provides a path to the CFP.

It’s exactly why Notre Dame had a huge push to get Stanford and Cal into the AAC. A lot of that decision was because of Notre Dame.

They wait to see the outcome of the lawsuits. It could give schools a way out which would affect the value.

I’m telling you.

ESPN not excerising the extension right now, is because they would rather have FSU, Clemson, UNC, and possibly Virginia / Miami in the SEC or Big 12.

By doing this, the ACC no longer can leverage for a media deal even remotely close to the Big 12’s media deal.

ESPN no longer having to pay Wake Forest, Boston College, and Syracuse $40 Million a year saves them a ton of money. (Money which can be spent paying FSU and UNC more money in another conference)

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Stanford won’t be enough to make them change their minds in that regard.

Please, please,…DON’T overestimate either a) Stanford’s football/basketball brand, OR b) its importance to Notre Dame.


Know this.

There’s a REASON Stanford is playing in the ACC at 30% shares.

THAT’S how SMALL their brand is.

That’s what the MARKET says that they are worth.

Law, if it weren’t for Notre Dame, the ACC might’ve not had expanded with Stanford and Cal…

In fact, Notre Dame is probably what saved the ACC at least at that point last year.

FSU, Clemson, UNC all voted against expansion

Of course.

Their BIG brands didn’t want any small pipsqueak brands like Stanford added.

That’s WHY FSU filed suit.

They didn’t want to play with small brands like SMU and Stanford.

They want to play with other BIG brands in the P2.

That’s why I don’t understand why people like 1927 seem so intimidated by those small, CRAP brands.

We look down upon them, sports-wise.

Why didn’t espn agree to pay the SEC extra for a ninth conference game?

I disagree again.

FSU and Clemson just want MORE money. Regardless of the conference they’re in. Doesn’t matter if it’s SEC, B1G, or Big 12, they just want more money…

Stanford didn’t get invited to the B1G when the PAC fell apart because the circumstances at the time didn’t call for it. Oregon and Washington barely made it into the conference, both of whom have more relevant football programs.

FSU and Clemson had already voiced their frustrations before the ACC decided to expand, in fact, it’s their frustrations that prompted the ACC to expand in the first place.

UNC wants to leave the ACC for the very same reasons… (money) but the benefit that UNC has is that UNC is school that actually matters the most. Not FSU and Clemson. UNC is letting FSU/Clemson do all the talking and fighting with the ACC.

As far as 1927, I have no idea how he gets his ideas

Why should they?