Future Realignment Thread

Maybe the WAC will let them in?


Good Sun Belt game on tonight. The commentators will probably talk about realignment alot.

Post Cincy, UCF, Houston version of the AAC; they may have an argument.

Expect this ### clown Thammel to tweet the exact opposite in two weeks.

UTEP banging on MWC door


All I thought about when thinking sunbelt was coastal Carolina, ULL and Appalachian state, you guys are right

One thought that occurs to me is that Conference USA and UTEP might be able to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement where UTEP leaves for the WAC but remains a football member.

That would help them stay at 8 for football, while avoiding trips out for volleyball and the like. Conference USA can then focus on more eastern teams.

I hope this is setting up for CBS to go big on the B12 as their showcase for the next TV contract.

OMG. Are we going to lose recruits to Wharton JC? Geez.


I’m not sure CBS has enough room for us. They have 2 networks and Paramount+.

When ESPN gets exclusive rights to the SEC in 2024, CBS’s best College Football inventory will be a little over half of the MWC. I don’t think they want to be broadcasting Boise vs. UNLV or Fresno vs. Utah State every week on their main network. If they have any plans to stay in the College Football game at all, they have to pick up either the B1G, Pac, or XII when their contracts come up in the next couple of years.

Of course, when we joined the Big East, the same was being said of NBC, and look how that went.

As per TAMU91’s post above, I do not want CBS to get our contract.

I wouldn’t mind them bidding up so that ESPN has to shovel out more, of course.


My concern is would they have enough room on their 2 channels to air the Big12 and other conferences games. I suppose they could if they started on Wednesdays.

If someone other than ESPN were to get our contract, I would want it to be Warner. They can run it on TNT, TBS, and their other networks like they do for basketball.

Coastal Carolina has The Tiger King on their roster.

Good game btw.


APP state is their last hurdle, think if they win this game , they run the table. Would a 1 loss Cinci get the NY6 over an unbeaten Coastal or San Diego state.

I think so. The AAC seems to enjoy a one-game advantage, and of course Cincinnati beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame.

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Cincy easy.

Ok , how about a 1 loss AAC champion not named Cinci.

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That 1-loss AAC champion almost certainly went through Cincy, so they probably also beat out an unbeaten Fun Belt champ.

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