I am fully engaged in this season just wondering about the future.I know who has graduated, what important just juniors do you think will leave?

no transfers. everyone not a senior is expected to return

Dejon Jarreau is the only one with a shot at leaving early, and that’ll only happen if we have a really good season.

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We are finally in a good place. The program has been re-built with two Dance cards in a row and annual top 25 rankings. That along with a rocking new facility. We don’t need to go the transfer/Juco route (as much) anymore and can continue to build and develop by bringing in highly regarded Freshmen.


Coach Yeoman always said “the best thing about a freshman is that he becomes a sophomore.” LOL. No one knows what the future holds for our group, but we do know we are all getting to like this going Dancing stuff.
Hinton was a prized recruit but didn’t start, instead coming off the bench to prove he has the potential to be a stud. Heck, if he blows up next year he could be our most coveted player by the pros.
IMO Jarreau has a lot to prove, but we all know he has talent galore. I personally think the one player we need is a replacement for Robinson, who was the heart and soul of our team the past few years.
Not sure Jarreau or Hinton are the answer, but we will find out.
Can’t wait to see the newcomers…Roberts, Sasser and Mills are pretty good additions. And you can bet coach Sampson will handle each with kid gloves.
Bottom line is that most of us old timers have not been this excited about basketball probably since the Pat Foster days.
Oh, Clyde gave us hope with his instant recruiting and the opening win over Texas before a packed house…and brother did our dreams melt away when we all figured out Clyde really had more important things to tend to.
The best thing to happen to UH in many years is coach Sampson deciding he wants to hang around for a few more years.
Who knows how far we will go in the tourney the next few years…but I think we all agree it is going to be one exciting ride…Go Coogs…


I don’t think Brooks leaves, but you never know. He’s the only junior that would leave this offseason, but I fully expect him back.

Harris is the only other junior that could leave and he’s not going anywhere (don’t count Gorham since he redshirted).