Ga Southern Scandal

Penalties and corrective measures include the following:

Public reprimand and censure for the university.

Two years of probation for the university from July 7, 2016, to July 6, 2018.

Three-year show-cause orders for the former assistant compliance director and former assistant director of student-athlete services from July 7, 2016, to July 6, 2019. During that time, an NCAA school employing either individual must appear with the individual before a Committee on Infractions panel.

A vacation of records in which student-athletes participated while ineligible. After the release of the public report, the university will identify the competition affected.

A reduction of two scholarships for the football program during 2016-17. If the university already has extended the scholarship agreements to prospects for 2016-17, the university may serve the reduction during 2017-18.

A reduction in the number of official visits for the football program during 2016-17 by 10 percent from the university’s four-year average.

A reduction of fall 2016 football evaluations by 10 percent from its four-year average.

A $5,000 fine plus an amount equal to 1 percent of the football program’s operating budget (self-imposed by the university).

Reading thru those violations it seems like a pretty stout punishment for what transpired. But GS is a small fish without much clout.

Georgia Southern vacates 3 wins after NCAA investigation

The school announced Friday that wins over Savannah State and St. Francis from the 2013 season and a win over UL Monroe in 2014 will be stricken from the records. An ineligible student-athlete competed for the Eagles in those games. The athlete’s statistics will also be vacated. Stats from eligible athletes “will remain,” the school said in a release.

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