Game 1: #24 UH vs UTSA (W 37-35 3OT) game thread

We’re a few weeks out from opening day. How do you think we do against the roadrunners?

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Easy win. 1-0. Pop bottles because we’re going to the CFP.

If we lose, fire CDH and bench Tune.


First game, so who knows? Everyone is undefeated. If we give Tune some time, we should be okay.

Should be a great game with a fantastic atmosphere.

We’re in for a fight. Program has a lot of pride and players who have a chip on there shoulders. Who feel they have something to prove also playing in their backyard.


More concerned about where to eat


After watching our loss to UTSA in the TDECU opener, I will not consider this to be an easy win.

That said, I believe we will win.

Several new stars will emerge at WR and on defense.


Personally I would like to see UH beat the daylights out of any school with a U and T in it’s name. But these guys are tough and have attitude. UH is in for a battle.


Two of my favorited Mexican food restaurants:
La Fogata on Vance Jackson, Tacos Nortenos with twin towers margarita
Mi Tierra at Market Place


They used to have a La Fogata in Nuevo Progresso, man, it was good.

I hope we beat ‘em like a drum

It appears that there will a large contingent of UH fans in attendance.
UTSA is indeed a good up and coming team, but we are on a mission.



La Fonda on Main
Paloma Blanca
Pollos Asados del Nortenos
El Milagrito

You’re welcome.

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If we let them run their flanker screen with little coverage or opposition then…that’s what I remember about the game but haven’t seen the video in some time. I wouldn’t want to if I could.

UTSA hoping yo be undefeated when they play at UT-Austin.

My opinion… Best puffy tacos in town is a little hole-in-the-wall place called La Cazadora. When I say, “hole-in-the-wall”, I mean it if anyone decides to try it.

" Is UTSA built to last?
One-year wonder? Flash in the pan?"

Position Previews/Fall Camp Week 1.

Lots of new facilities and improvements on existing on the horizon. Bexar County is providing alot of $.
"It’s part of keeping up with the Joneses in the AAC. We have a deficit to make up in terms of facilities.” (list in article)

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#1 pick in CUSA vs #1 pick in AAC, should be a fun battle in San Antonio.


This should be a good test for our defense. UTSA returns their starting QB, most of the o-line, and brought in a juco all-American RB plus Trelon Smith from Arkansas.