Game 1 Observations

We’ll take the win. I was expecting utsa to move the ball better than they did. We did well early on until our #10 went out.

The 3 pics were key and reason for our win.

Any reports on how bad injury to #10 was. He seems like the anchor on a good line.

Our 3 receivers need the ball in open space to use their best skills.

#0 seems like most of his yards were after first contact. I like him. My boy says he has no drip but can ball.

Play calling left a lot to be desired. I get that cdh wants to establish run but dont think he has the people for that.

Zero penalties on #76. Seems like he was good for a couple false starts per game last year.

Few penalties in total.

Seeing case with tank and cj was cool. Texans doing well on having case to teach him how to be a pro.


Ankle. Know more about severity tomorrow but still relieved.

first reports are that he could be out a week to a month.

Wasn’t a report it was just CDH saying he doesn’t know the severity.

We won. We would have lost this game not too long ago. First season games are often a “Tune UP Maters” moments. The biggest question mark for me has to do with recruiting. Remember friends utsa was favorite. We beat utsa last year in San Antonio. A year later our OL was manhandled the entire game. Our DL had early issues but as the game went on adjusted…somewhat. I can “buy” that our OL will get better but then what about our TE’s role? Our running game was non-existent. Our stats do not lie.


According to the announcers (more on that) we had 40 new players. I truly hoped that we would dominate the line of scrimmage. utsa being favorite told us we were going to have OL/DL issues. We have got to improve rapidly if we want to protect our QB/QB’s. With that said CDH and his coaching staff will learn a great deal from this game.
I was actually really impressed with Donovan. Utsa’s game plan was obviously trying to make him run and make ill advised throws. Donovan adjusted and you could clearly see it. He was far from perfect but when you look back at his QB “history” this is an encouraging first game. You can tell he is very bright and can’t wait to watch the game film to improve for each game coming to him.
Our secondary was outstanding. As the game progressed, they too played better as a unit. This is for me a welcome surprise from our past seasons. This is no coincidence that we went from a high scoring game to an NFC East time of a game.
Where they even at the game? It looks as if they were in a studio. Espn+ does that regularly. I can’t believe these two veterans, especially Chris would deliver such a bad coverage. How many times did Chris call us Texans? The camera coverage was atrocious.
37.5k for utsa is one of the best surprises of the night. Anybody complaining has an axe to grind. I loved seeing that many fans. We are back in a power conference since the mid 90’s. How long have we waited for this day? Could they have been more vocals? Sure, but again the tv coverage was atrocious.
On to rice o roni.


Special teams was outstanding


Lmao, you would have gotten roasted if this was your power ranking on Friday.


If UH beats TCU you have a believer in me. Even though they got cooked by Deion, they’re formidable.


Its rare to win a game with only 100 yards rushing. Of all the stats that is the most chilling heading into B12 play.


Watching the replay now.

Smith put 2 many up for grabs.

Frank Harris was awful. Did not look like the same player.

Whatever the actual fans in seats, besr crowd in a long time.


A Win. Looked well coached and prepared. Tackling was good. Didn’t do stupid stuff and was not sloppy. Lack of run game is alarming. Beat Rice.


I’m gonna watch the replay just for the Holgo 1st down gesture. That had me rolling last night. Lol


Start of 2nd half we pick off Harris for first time. We are going fast, pick up a few 1st downs and guy gets a cramp for UTSA.

Dana and Traylor had a few words at midfield. No way he was cramping 3 mins into 2nd half. Next 3 plays we don’t pick up a 1st down. Good coaching by UTSA.


I lost it when the refs marked the ball at the 47. I had my binoculars right on the play and Donovon’s shoulder pad clearly and without doubt hit just a hair beyond the 48. I could not believe the refs made just a blatantly bad spot and was even more shocked when they reversed it.


Coaches told him to sit. It was a flop.”
I have a problem in football and basketball with teams utilizing fake injuries and reviews to get free timeouts. The players should have to stay on the field away from staff.


Off the field, our in-game experience was absolutely vibeless. UTSA was much louder than us in our own stadium, and it’s not because they had more to cheer or a bigger crowd. Somehow, over the last 5 years or so, we’ve turned into a Sit Down and Shut Up crowd, and if that trend persists through the season, I’m watching at home next year.

30k+ people in TDECU for a night game should be loud and exciting. Last night was neither of those things, despite a close game against a local opponent.


It seems to me we have 3 RBs who all are similar in size, have similar styles, and do similar things. So there isn’t much change in the running game. But we did lose a key big rb to the transfer portal. I guess it is what it is for the season.

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Not remotely close to what I saw. There was energy in the stadium and UTSA fans were sitting on their hands when we were up 2 scores.


Did anything really happen to trigger a loud crowd?

We scored 2 touchdowns and a field goal in what was a very boring and conservative football game.

I was there, and the 3 back to back interceptions were pretty hype if you ask me


Our defense held UTSA to 7 points for 3 and a half quarters. Nelson Caeser had an absolute highlight-reel sack. We shut down a QB that was being talked about as a dark-horse Heisman candidate all offseason. For most of the first half, it was a tie game. That was absolutely a game that would have had 2014 or 2015 TDECU rocking, to say nothing of 2016.

And further, the idea that we need something to get excited about is pathetic. We should be loud because we’re supporting the team, especially in the early game. There doesn’t need to be a reason beyond that.