Game 11: Houston at ECU, 19 Nov, 1p CT ESPN+

Has Dana let us know that this is a hot ECU team or that they are extremely tough. Maybe he will drop a ‘not making excuses’ before saying ‘it is tough to win on the road’.


I’m sure Coogfans will parse every word of the press conference today and Belk’s tomorrow


I am surprised the Total is 67. Coogs are averaging 47 points per game over the last 4 since the offense transformation. The low total was 38 against Navy. Either they think the Coogs are not going to be as effective on offense on Saturday or that the UH pass defense is going to figure out against ECU…

The boys are looking at a tough one at ECU Senior Day.
Ahlers is a folk hero Greenville way.
“Ahlers attended nearby D.H. Conley High School as a star quarterback and a major recruit. He chose the Pirates over NC State early in his high school career, and not even offers from Georgia or Florida could sway him from staying home”

" True freshman quarterback Holton Ahlers not only got to experience his first career touchdown inside Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, a moment the hometown product has dreamed about his entire life, but his dad - ECU public address announcer Morgan Ahlers - got to make the call over the stadium’s loud speakers."

Weather looks cool but low wind & dry.

We are who we are
ECU 60
UH 48

I prefer to think of it this way:

UH 60
ECU 48



Has a team given up 70+ twice in same season before?

ECU 70+
Coogs 45

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ECU 37
UH 31

I thought the Coogs may cover, but the line has dropped to +5.5, so I don’t think they do.

Coogs - 77
Pirates - 63

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Major’s final season (2018) came close. Points given up in the final 5 games (including bowl):

I will let you guess which one was the only W in that span. Gave up 63 in game 3 earlier in the season.

Personally I don’t think the “clipboard guy” aka Dawson is capable of a ‘shootout’.

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Coogs by 1

I’m stupid

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He called the plays against SMU and Temple.


ECU has had this game circled…


Applewhite got canned for Army dropping 70 on Coogs… Levine and Applewhite both got the axe after 2 straight winning seasons without the resources or the draw of going into P5/Big 12 and yet CDH gets a pass on 3 out of 4 disappointing seasons ? Guy is the biggest dud since Geraldo opened Capones secret vault.


Nothing against Ahlers, seems like a solid individual, but man do I hate watching lefty QB’s.

We may make it to the promised land but Dana Pezbelkerson won’t be in the lead.

Oh no, not the circled game. Pirates by fiddy.


I don’t give a damn… I’m just happy to be going to a Coog game tomorrow.

ECU is apparently “the party school” around here… That’s what someone said today at work… Should be rowdy tomorrow!

Go Coogs!