Game 18 review


Alright lets hear it…

A few points i saw

*First off, missing Jarace was huge. Javier i like what he brings, but he couldn’t handle that beef down low. Javier is 235. And Carlton was 240. But Javier uses his length. He really cant bang down low with a 250lb+ Center.

*Shead woke up offensively. Best scoring output since Bama. Good, we need Jamal to look to score more. You can defer to Sasser, but why not take your guard off the dribble when theres a chance. Draw fouls. Great for Jamal

*Sasser, looked like 1st team All American tonight. Great defense, clutch 3s. We lose, if he doesn’t step up tonight. Thats probably the biggest thing

*the 1st half, Sharp hits a 3, we’re rolling, and then just laid an egg heading into halftime. Sometimes weve had double digit leads, and just let teams back in it

*Jwan Roberts, cmon dude. No Jarace tonight, we basically have 3 forwards, thats it. And he picks up 2 early fouls. If we wouldve lost, thats a big reason. Our starting forward, got in foul trouble. Had no impact on the game. But overall hes been solid this season. Was just surprised by tonights performance


I’m just here to observe. Nothing more. Hopefully.


Struggle with size. Even more noticeable without Jarace in. Harris kid had a great game. Still wasn’t enough though. Just take the win and move on.


It was ugly but it’s a dub. Got a week to get right. Someone make sure Jarace gets some tamiflu and airborne!


I thought St Mary’s was a physical game. Whew they was a battle!

2 opponents have scored more than 65 on us this season.

We are 1-1 in those games.


Without Harris DOUBLING (31 points, averages 15) his statistical averages, we win by 21, which is pretty close to what Vegas thought about this game.

That’s hardly some hot analysis. But, it took them playing well above their averages in multiple areas to even have a chance.


I don’t think Tchewa was that huge of a factor.

USF shooting 50% from three and us missing 10 freebies even made it a game.

USF kept switching up defenses. Trying to keep us guessing. Roberts got in early foul trouble. Couldn’t find a rhythm. Francis looked good in spurts.

Just one of those games.

No one shoots 50% from three against the Cougars. USF did tonight.


Tchewa is a 7 ft 280 center. Prolly not more than three or four guys in college ball that could equal his strength.


Well, i said 250. Cause if i said 280, yall would say how many 280lb guys are there :laughing:

Zach Edey, maybe a few others

How big was Durr from UCF? We’ll be facing him again


And they out-rebounded us, another rarity.

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This is why I wish TA would get it going offensively.

Run a small ball lineup with Jarace at the 5 more.

Imagine Tchewa or Durr trying to guard Jarace out at the 3 point line.


He had 14 points and 8 boards. Felt like he made it much easier for them to get on the glass and altered some drives as well. Wasn’t the lone factor.

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Missing Jarace was big…South Florida shooting lights out FT’s and 3’s was the other.

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He did. But I don’t even remember looking up and saying, “wow, we gotta stop Tchewa”.

Tyler Harris is the one that kept it close. 14 and 8 for an opposing big? I can live with that all day.

31 from a guard? I cannot.

Tchewa also got like half of his points from the foul line. Where he shot like 90% tonight. He’s been shooting 60% this year. Lol


14 pts, 8 boards and 5 bows to Cheney’s head lol


You are going to get every team’s best game. Tonight we were short handed and didn’t play really well defensively.

We won.


Harris was playing out of his mind.


We’re a good rebounding team. Very good on the offensive glass.

However, I’m no longer surprised about us being outrebounded this season.

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Also. In regards to Tchewa. Some of his work came down low when a big had to leave and help because a guard got by his man on the perimeter.

I saw way too many guards getting by their man up top and getting into the lane. This hurt our positioning for a defensive rebound. Tchewa took advantage.