Game 21 review

I guess I’ll start.



Bad TO in first half and too many missed FTs but other than that it was a great game and effort!

both teams made some tough contested shots in the first half, UH also made a few in the 2nd half. Great bounce back effort, which was expected. Sampson is a hell of a coach. Sampson’s teams are phenomenal on neutral courts and the road. Defense, rebounding and effort always travel.

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The Shead shot!

There is no words for that. :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Sharp was great.

Jarace was the best player on the floor. Again. In a big road game.

Also. Marcus only played 25 minutes. And we beat a solid UCF team on the road. By double digits.

  • fts still an issue…

  • said it before, ill say it again developing sharp is the key for this team…we need bench points and he is closest to being ready

  • sasser is really good, but we already knew that, bummer foul trouble kept him out … 2 of his fouls were phantom calls

  • there were a couple defensive lapse, im not sure whose fault it was …

  • there was definitely attempts to run new things on offense that we normally dont run… a lot more double screens, love that we are trying different things…

  • tons of highlight plays …was a fun game to watch

good bounce back game


Did Cheney even make the trip or is his back gotten worse ?

Stayed home per Coach was for " personal reasons " .


There were more defensive lapses then what I am used to with CKS coached team. He basically had a freshmen squad playing for many minutes and that showed more in defense. This win credit goes to Sharp. Played his best ball. Let’s see if he can sustain. I am quite disheartened with Arceneaux progress. Hopefully, he gets some form of a semblance of a mojo in next 1 month. Jarace needs to have his engine running for full 30 minutes that he is on the court.


Sharp’s effort on defense has improved so much. He wants to play, I hope TA gives the same effort defensively so hecan get more minute because i believe his offense can help also


I noticed that tonight. That was impressive seeing something other than iso or a high single screen at the top.


TA needs better court awareness.


It’s called luck lol, glad it went in but……

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Have we hit a mini mid season wall?

Yeah reminded me of Robbie last year, why he couldn’t play at all over Ramon. It wasn’t like it was because of offense. Ramon knew were to be, didn’t make many mistakes. Robbie would get in and look so lost. I can see TA doing that a lot. He just needs some time, I definitely think he will be back next year

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I thought Dawkins left Hendricks out too long when he got his fourth foul. That guy is everywhere when in. With Durr out with injury they were overmatched when Hendricks went to the bench.

Only thing concerning from this game is the team gave up a season high of 1.16 points per possession. A lot of it may have been bad foul calls but something to monitor.

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UCF hit some crazy shots so I’m not too worried about that.

Coach said and I agree that Shead was the best on the floor…’nuff said.
That said it was great to see Jarace throw his weight around for once.
Sharp like everyone will have good games and a few bad ones, but last night he had a great game and played like a vet.
While he only scored the one bucket, the move by Arceneaux was terrific and couldn’t have come at a better time.
Once his confidence balloons he will be an All America candidate


We allowed more points than usual.
It took a great offensive game by Sharp and Jarrice to win.
Looks like we will need ALL the freshman to develop and be consistent by about a months time.

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