Game 24: #3 Houston @ Temple- February 5th, 2023(W 81-65)


Jarace don’t look 19


Tough team, way too reach way down deep.

Francis starting to work better in space as AAC SF size C/PFs pull him away from the basket.

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@UHFinal4 Francis or Jarace?

You mean Francis defensively moving his feet on the perimeter when in pick and roll

Both but Francis is who I meant.

Yes and taking some better angles in general. Seems coached up to keep his head up more and see whats coming.Encouraging.

Francis will get his fair share of guys with his skill set next year.

I miss Josh Carlton


Carlton, Moore, and Edwards. Man do I miss those guys. Fabian White too.


We sure could use them. Honestly, Edwards could have come back, right? Is he even playing these days?


He couldve, but honestly Edwards got everything he wanted his Senior yr

Playing almost 35 minutes a game. Alot of shot attempts. Elite 8, had good NCAA tournament performances (except for Nova)

If he came back this year, it would’ve been Shead, Sasser, Edwards, Mark, Jarace. Edwards just wouldn’t had the ball as much.

Though his overall shooting %s would’ve been better, with playing less minutes

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In the grand scheme of things, it helps us for the Big 12 for Sharp, TA, Mark etc. But these scoring droughts are tough. We could use his clutch threes every now and then.


Kyler is on a G-League team somewhere. Not bad

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Didn’t he just graduate in December?

need to get this W

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imo, its payback time and payback is a female dog !

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Yeah, this year’s team is arguably better defensively but it really misses the aggression on offense last year’s team had. Edwards, Moore, and White were not shy if it was time to get a bucket

Is it?

I’ve been watching highlights from last years team and I miss it. I like this team but last year might be my all time favorite


Yup. Unless last year’s team was also ranked #2 or better in the nation in defense. At one point a few weeks ago it was the 2nd-highest rated defense in the last 20 years according to Ken Pom.

edit: Just checked, last year’s defense was ranked 8th in NCAA, this year it’s 6th-- it had been 2nd all year behind Tennessee but the last couple weeks we have slipped a little. The numbers are close to identical.

Last years guard defense i thought was better than this years guard defense. Shead, Edwards, Taze over Shead, Sasser, Mark.

Fabian, and Carlton, weren’t great guarding on the perimeter like Jwan and Jarace are. We can switch ball screens much easier this year, which usually helps your defense

But Fabian and Carlton brought better rebounding. So theres tradeoffs. Also, with no depth last yr, that kinda hurt our metrics some. Giving up alot buckets in 2nd halfs of games, with guys being fatigued