Game 35: #16 Northern Kentucky vs #1 Houston - NCAA Tournament - March 16th, 2023 - 8:20 pm CST - TNT (W 63-52)

Spot on. I’m actually not concerned with scoring as much as our lack on perimeter defense. Shead and Sasser are lock down defenders when healthy. Without Sasser and Shead playing 100%, we have a hard time staying in front of guards, which means they can shoot better, draw fouls, and drive and dish.


Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me.

But if J’Wan or Jarace get in foul trouble, then what? Go Uber small with Terrance at the 4 and Sharp at the 2? Sharp and TA are improving defensively. But they’ve shown they can be beat off of the dribble. No Ja’Vier in the middle to erase shots. Or, our big guys can’t contest because they’re in foul trouble.

Losing Sasser on defense really sucks.

Would like to see Ja’Vier get in to provide a lift to our defense in case we are in foul trouble inside. With no Sasser, you have TA and Sharp out on the perimeter. Need to find a defensive advantage somehow.

I think I’m playing zone 30 out of 40 minutes tomorrow. With or without Sasser.

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I’m admittedly not great at spotting subtle mistakes in players’ games. But I feel like Ja’Vier hasn’t been that bad? He always seems to provide a spark when he comes off the bench, and then he goes back to the bench for the rest of the game. What’s the issue with him?

He’s prone to fouling. And I see him out of position a ton on defense. Specifically on rotations.

Francis is lost a lot of the time and slow on rotations. He can overcome it somewhat with his length and athleticism, but most of the time it ends up with him fouling a shooter under the basket. It took Chris Harris a long time to figure out our defensive scheme and Francis seems to be having the same problem.

To be fair to Ja’Vier, every single one of our young guys is lost on rotations. We’ve gotten better as the season has gone on, but still an issue.

If I were Auburn. And we don’t have Sasser. I’m playing ball screen offense all night.

Go look at the second half of the Bama game. I’m not sure there was a possession that they didn’t have a ball screen when on offense. They did that because we were lost on our rotations.

I’m not even giving them the opportunity, though.

I’m slowing the game to a halt. And zoning their ass.

I’m forcing KD Johnson into being a shooter.

The zone will leave us susceptible to offensive rebounding. Jarace. I need you to find a man. And take him out of the equation when a shot goes up.


Agreed - that looked like Arceneaux who was the closest in position to box out

Got it. I’ve noticed that, just wasn’t sure if it was something else. He’s our new Breaon.

He also can be pushed around. Which leads him to fouling more to compensate.

He has a world of potential. He’s just not ready yet. Coach took a gamble. I don’t blame him.

You had to eventually let Ja’Vier play. To see what you have.

Chaney only played 9 minutes yesterday. He’ll play more if Jwan gets in foul trouble.

How good was our defense? We forced NKU to have the lowest score in last 2+ months and tied to their second lowest score in the whole season. That’s how special the Cougar Culture is. Auburn will need to deal with this. We shall see.


All this plus the injuries. These are the type of things that we’ll look back on if we don’t win it all. This is what kept this team from reaching its full potential. I know we’re still in it but it would be nice to have another big and guard.

Who was your MVP of the game?

Walker - 16 pts, 6 rebs, 1 assists (leading scorer)
Roberts - 11 pts, 12 rebs, 4 assists (double double)
Sharp - 10 pts, 1 reb, 1 assist (gave team spark with 3s)

im going sharp… nku was a poor rebounding team and small, so the jwan and walker numbers arent too far from what i expected… sharp stepping up as a shooter we needed is what we need


Like what coach said in the press conference, hats off to northern Kentucky they out hustled the coogs. If they Don’t get back to playing cougar basketball they won’t win the next game no matter who’s on the court.


Sharp won the game last night. Gave us a little cushion


I agree with CKS… I’ve never seen it before since CKS has been here, but it’s true; they were tougher last night but we were better.

Hopefully, we get back to being the toughest team on the court against AU.

Go Coogs!

Another awesome piece


Beat Northern Kentucky….32-3. :heavy_check_mark: