Game 5: #3 Houston @ Oregon - November 20, 2022 (W 66-56)

Looks like Duck season ticket holders are already dumping some tickets on StubHub. If the prices shown are accurate, these are a steal as the number 1 team in the country might be rolling into Eugene…which will bring everyone out of the woodwork.

Note…single game tickets haven’t gone on sale yet.

If you are in the area, the Matthew Knight Arena is a great place to watch a game.


Dang, $13 for lower-level seats? Wish my trip up there would have been a month later. Heck, at those prices I might keep an eye on Frontier Airlines and see if I can’t make a redeye up to PDX that weekend.


Don’t fall for it. They’re actually expensive. Row U are the nosebleeds

Just scored a couple of great seats at ridiculously low prices on Ticketmaster’s website. Will be bringing my 16 year old son with me. He has no interest in basketball…guess he wants to hang out together. He came with me to the last game we had in Eugene. Will both be in something red. Psyched for this game!!! Should be a great atmosphere!


Did they set the game time? I was planning to buy 5 tickets.

6:30pm pst is what says. reflects the same thing.

(8:30pm central)

Will be a great day to watch some college basketball. ESPN will have some MTE stuff earlier in the day…and preceding UH/UO is #4 Kentucky at #2 Gonzaga (which should be fantastic!).


I hate bringing injuries up, but a few of late:

*Luke Goode - illinois

*Dariq Whitehead- Duke

*Fardaws Aimaq- Texas Tech

*PJ Hall - Clemson

*Isaiah Stevens - Colorado State

*Jeremiah Williams- Iowa St

*Cam Whitmore- Villanova

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Bama and Oregon missing key players.

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I’ll be there with my brother and my son


Means nothing. We were missing 2 key players most of last year.


Of course it means something, especially if you are playing the Coogs

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We like Houston here, but don’t count Oregon out entirely. They’ll have a fighting chance. Houston 70.98, Oregon 63.09.

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UC Irvine laid the wood to the Ducks in Eugene. Strong guard play from UC-I. This bodes very well for us. Also, the Ducks were like 3 for 784 from three point land. That helps too.



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Oregon shoots 12-27 from 3pt

They have the size. We have the much better guard play

Ware, Bittle and Dante are all 6ft 10" and above. Looks like all 3 will see minutes against us

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These 8 will play most of the minutes Sunday. Obviously rebounding, 2nd chance points is the stat to monitor

With Dante, Bittle and Ware all 7 footers


And while we have won our rebound battles with our four weak opponents, Sunday will be a huge challenge to find out where we are at as a team

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Make those 7 footers come out to the perimeter to guard and then run them out of the court.


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